ViralPro: The Best WordPress Theme for Viral Blogs

Viral Blog theme for WordPress

If you are an active blogger, you must have heard the story of “ViralNova” which was sold for 100 Million Dollars few months back. It was actually a Viral or Content-Sharing blog built on WordPress platform. It seems that the price at which it was sold has affected the entire Blogosphere and Many Bloggers started […]

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How to Add Facebook Page Plugin to Blogger?

How to add Facebook Page plugin to Blogger?

Facebook Like Box was quite popular among bloggers. However, it stopped working on June 23rd 2015 and has been replaced by the new Facebook Page Plugin. In last few months, You might have noticed a slight difference in the look and function of your Facebook Like Box. As i informed you earlier, it’s not the Like […]

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How to use Quora for Making Money Online?

How you can make money on Quora?

Today, Quora is undoubtedly the most popular questions and answer platform where people ask questions and the community of writers respond by answering their questions. The company was founded in 2009 and got publicly opened in 2010 has 106 employees and is among the top 150 websites in the world. The Quora community is growing very fast and […]

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How to use LinkedIn Pulse for Driving Traffic to your blog?

Linkedin Pulse

One of the most overused phrase on internet by bloggers is, “Content is the king”. If that’s the case, then why isn’t every blogger is able to drive traffic to their blog? Well, for starters, perhaps you aren’t promoting your articles properly (not writing the right type of contents can also be the case). Traffic is the one […]

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