120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs[Infographic]

Marketing is always considered important for any kind of Business. For serious bloggers, Blogging is also a business. Millions of bloggers are there on internet but very few of them are successful and making a decent income online. It’s because they only focus on the creation of Great Quality content but neglects Content Marketing. If you have written an article on your blog, there is no reason why, you won’t promote it among your targeted readers.

Successful Internet Marketers always suggests you to spend more than 80% of your time in the promotion of your contents. It means, you should only give 20% of your time in writing contents for your blog. Their thinking is quite logical as well. Just consider an example- After spending 7 days and working day and night, you managed to write an awesome article on your blog but no one is reading that blog post because they don’t even know about it.

Blogging doesn’t mean just the creation of great contents. The key to successful blogging is the creation of content that your targeted audience wants to read. To do this, first of all understand your Goals and know your Audience. Once done, start writing for your audience and forget about Search Engines. Uses of high traffic keywords are only helpful when they are relevant to your audience. After creating contents, you should promote it in various social networks. These are known as marketing tactics and are extremely important for getting success. All pro bloggers understands the importance of Content Marketing so they are successful. New Blogger never understands the importance of Content Marketing which harms them later on. Before promotion of your content, make sure that your Blog Post title is relevant for your users. You Might also like below given articles:

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Today, I am going to share an Infographic which shows 120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs. By using these Marketing tactics, a blogger can achieve much more from his blog(Provided that he is serious). This infographic has been created by Digital Philippinies

120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs[Infographic]
120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs
This Infographic is really helpful for new bloggers. What do you say? Will you implement the above mentioned Marketing tactics.
Ravi Kumar

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