5 Types of Links which are Considered Bad for SEO of any Website

As you all know, Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc use different updates regularly to show best websites in their Search Results. At present, Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world and it use updates like Panda and Penguin. Few Months ago, when its updates penalized many blogs, i got so many EMails, where users asked me to provide the reason why, Google penalized their blog and website. No one other than Google knows everything about the Protocol, it uses in its different updates but there are certain things, which affects the SEO of any website. When i visited the websites and blogs of different peoples, I found different types of links which are bad for SEO of any website.

5 Types of Links which are Bad for SEO of any Website
In this post, I will explain all such kind of links so that, you can protect your website from Google Updates. Now a days, even a new blogger want to make huge amount of money from their blog so they use so many Ads and different kinds of links without knowing their harmful effects.

5 Types of Links which are Bad for SEO of any Website
The list of all such Links are as follows:

1. Paid Links

If your blog has Got Good PR like PR3, PR4 or PR5, you will get so many offers for paid links. Normally they give you good amout for placing some links on your blog as well. Buyer do so to get good PR for their website or blog. Due to this, so many bloggers sell links. In short period of time, your blog builds a large amout of such links which seems unnatural to Google. As i mentioned earlier, Google or any other search engine doesn’t like this and will definitely penalize your website.
If you are using Paid Links on your blog or Website, you must add “nofollow” attribute to these links and must not use such links in large quantity.

2.Confusing Links

So many bloggers are there who use links which look like a normal font of their blog. They do so by matching the color of links with normal font and also changing the background color of template. None of the search engine like these kind of links because they confuse users. Actually, bloggers use such links to earn money. Visitors accidentally click on such links. Due to this, bloggers make money. I strongly recommend you to remove such links. Your link shouldn’t confuse users. If you are using such links, you will be penalized either sooner or later.

3.Irrelevant or Off-Topic Links

Irrelevant or Off-Topic links are those links which are not related to the subject or your blog or website. For example- Your blog is about “Making Money Online” but it has so many links, which point towards Fashion, TV Shows, Racing etc. None of the search engines including Google like these kind of Links and thus penalize the blog or websites, which use them.

4.Link Placed at Footer as Credit Links

Footer Links or Credit Links are quite common these days. Normally, Websites or Blogs which share templates and Plugins place such kind of links at footer. The problem occurs because they use “dofollow” attribute in their links. If you are the owner of any such blog or website, I will recommend you either not to use such links or add a “nofollow” attribute in such links otherwise, Google or any other search engine will penalize your blog or website.

5.Excessive Link Exchange

Those days are gone when People used to exchange their link with other partners for the sake of cross-linking. Google strictly penalize sites which uses the principle “Link to me and I will link to you”. In addition to this, you shouldn’t use any automated software or program which add links. If you are not sure about any link, just add the “nofollow” attribute in those links. It will protect your website from different kinds of Updates.


From the Editor’s Desk
Every blogger or Webmaster strictly follow  the Webmaster Guidelines. This is the only way to protect your blog and website from Google’s Penality and getting better results in  SERP(Search Engine Result Pages).
The above mentioned Links are extremely Bad for SEO of any website so every Blogger or Website owners should avoid their usages. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask the same via Comments. It would be my pleasure to assist you.
Ravi Kumar

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