5 Ways to Write SEO-friendly Blog Posts

SEO-friendly blog posts means writing for the readers and optimizing for the search engines. In this panda and penguin world, writing SEO-friendly blog posts is a must to get more traffic from the search engines without getting hit by Panda or penguin updates.

5 ways to write Seo friendly blog posts

5 ways to write Seo friendly blog posts

Here are few ways to write SEO friendly blog posts to rank better for your desired keywords.

1 – Know your Keywords
Find and know your targeted keywords before writing even one single word. Use Google keywords tool to analyze the strength of your keywords. Write them down in a paper or notepad and use them in the correct locations on your blog posts. Don’t target for the very popular keywords in your niche, because you can’t rank better for already engaged keywords. Instead, focus on those keywords which have less traffic, say less than 4000 views a month. This way you’ll get high chances to rank better for those keywords.
2 – Place them Wisely
After finding your potential keywords, place them wisely on your blog posts. Don’t do keyword stuffing, instead use on page optimization on your blog posts to rank higher in search engines. On page seo means;

Placing your keywords on:

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Image alt tags
  • Sub heads like h2, h3
  • Interlinking with the similar keywords
  • Keyword density (2 to 5% is great) etc
3 – Get Back Links to your Posts
By commenting on do follow blogs or guest posting on other blogs you can bring quality back links to your blog posts.

Guest post and link back to your articles to get more visibility from the search engines, blog commenting on do follow blogs can also help you get more visibility and traffic in the long run.

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Write link baiting content, that will attract more people to link to your blog posts without much efforts. Use social media sites or the tools like Zemanta to get notified what others are posting in your niche. Try linking to other bloggers before getting links to your blog posts. This way it will become a breeze for you to get more links to your sites.

4 – Try to use Long Tail Keywords
In this Google panda and penguin world, you need to smartly optimize your blog posts to get better search results. Use long tail keywords to get more search visibility for your desired keywords.

For example, instead of using “blog tips” as a keyword on your blog posts, you can rank better for the long tail keywords like “blog tips for new bloggers”. This way you’ll get more visibility in the search engines and you can always have great impact on your potential keywords.

5. Optimize images for search  engines
Using images in your blog posts is the best way to bring Google traffic. Use attention grabbing images and give the proper credit if they don’t belong to you. And then optimize the images for search engines to rank better.

Use “alt tags” and place your potential keywords in your alt tags and image description to rank higher for the same keywords. This way you’ll be getting more visibility for the same potential keywords, thus bringing more search traffic to your blog posts.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Allow one liners of Spam Comments

Do you know blog comments also help you get more search traffic from the search engines? Yes, it is.

Your blog comments matter a lot to write SEO friendly blog posts. Don’t allow spam comments or one liners which don’t add any value to your blog posts, they’ll kill your blog SERP rankings in the search engines over time. Why? This link builders will link to bad sites using the keywords, so don’t allow them. Try to create a blog comment policy to avoid these kind of comments.

Do you know any more tips to write SEO friendly blog posts? Do share them below.

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