7 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate And Increase Page Views

No matter how great your blog design or content is, you’ll have tough times in retaining the readers.

Most people bounce away from your blog within seconds. So how can you make them stick to your blog by reducing your bounce rate and increasing page views of your blog?

7 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate And Increase Page Views

7 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate And Increase Page Views

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1. Use related Posts Thumbnails
This is one of the best ways to increase your page views and lower your bounce rate of the blog. Related posts plugin will display the ‘relevant content’ at the end of each blog posts. This will make more readers curious about the next relevant posts. When you’ve great titles on related posts, you’ll have high chances of getting them clicked on your blog pots.
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2. Speed up your site
No one will like to read a blog with slow loading times, do you? Make your blog loading time faster by
  • Optimizing your images
  • Removing the clutter
  • Not using the Pop up functions
  • Limiting your Ads 
  • Using best Hosting Provider

All the above things will make a great impact on your site loading time. Don’t overdo anything on your blog that can kill your blog’s loading time and thus increasing the bounce rate of your blog.

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3. Keep your Blog Design Simple
Most new bloggers keep their blog design always busy by enabling unwanted widgets, popup’s, automatic music play etc. Don’t do that things and make your blog design cluttered. Your blog design should be as simple as to navigate it easily.

This way more readers will be interested in reading your blog contents. Increase your font size and make it easy to read your blog posts. Most bloggers keep their font size small and they give hard time for the readers to easily read their content. Don’t make this mistake on your blog next time.

If you’ve great blog design, you can certainly improve the bounce rate of your blog.

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4. Limit your WordPress Plugins Usage
Don’t use too many WordPress plugins that add no value to your blog. Limit your WP plugins usage and make your site loading time faster.

Do you know that 80% of your site loading time depend on the usage of your WP plugins? Yes it is.

So, make use of those plugins which are essential.

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5. Always write Great Content with Killer Headlines
No matter how great your blog design is, you can’t control the exit rate of your blog if you don’t have quality content.

Why would anyone read your blog if it doesn’t have any greatness in it’s content? Make your readers stick to your blog by offering great value through your blog posts.

Also spend quality time on crafting great headlines. After headlines are the ones where decide whether or not to read your blog posts by just looking at them.

If they don’t grab their attention, they simply ignore reading your blog and find exit way to your blog. So always write attention grabbing headlines on your blog posts to reduce your bounce rate and increase page views.

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6. Display your Popular posts in Sidebar

By displaying your most popular posts in your sidebar, you’ll be giving more chances to your first time visitors to skim through more posts.

Your most popular posts can definitely give great impact on the first time visitors, because they add huge value within less time (even if they skip!).

7. Improve your old blog Posts
This is less used tactic to reduce your bounce rates. Try to work on your old blog posts and improve them to attract more links, traffic and attention from others.

So, how can you improve your old posts?

Follow these tips

  • Try Adding Images
  • Interlink to other Pages/Posts
  • Try to Optimize for search engines
  • Improve the headlines
  • End with a call to action (if you don’t have any)
  • Or delete it if it doesn’t add any value

Over to you:
Let me know your thoughts about reducing the bounce rate of your blogs.

Ravi Kumar

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