Best websites to download Background Images for Blogs and Websites

A Good and eye-catchy Background of any blog or website always attacts visitors. Now a days, the extended version of CSS i.e CSS3 and scripting languages like Javascript and JQuery are widely used for special effects in Web Pages. However, an use of good background picture makes a blog or website much better.

Till now, I have got so many requests where users has requested me to provide some good Background Pictures, which can be used as the Background images of any blog or website.  I don’t waste so much time in Photoshop in order to create different Background images for my blogs and websites. Instead, I download the same from various websites which provides the same for free. Today, I am going to share those websites with you.

Best websites for downloading Background Images for Blogs and Websites
The list of these websites are as follows:
Other Background Images for Blogs and Websites

1.Apple iOS Linen Texture

Free Background Images for Websites


2.Blueprint Texture

Best Background Image for Website and Blogs


3.Carbon Fibre Photoshop Patterns

Free Background Images for Websites and Blogs



4.Wood Texture

Wood like background image for Websites and Blogs



5.Carbon Fiber Pattern Background

Free Background Images for blogs and websites


6.Texturetastic Gray

Free Background image for websites and blogs

From the Editor’s Desk
According to me, the above mentioned websites are best for downloading Background images for blogs and websites. I also use these websites quite frequently. This is probably the reason why, i shared these websites with you.
If you think that, i left some important site which is better than the above mentioned sites or similar to them, feel free to inform me via comments. I will add the same in my list.
Simply try the background images provided by above mentioned websites on your personal blogs and websites and given your valuable feedback.
Ravi Kumar

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