Best WordPress Converted Free Blogger Templates of 2014

Design and Look of any website or Blog plays an important role in its success or failures. The most popular free platform for blogging is undoubtedly Blogspot(Blogger). Many user complains that they failed because the design of their Blog was not attractive. So many new bloggers are providing wrong information as well. For example- Few days ago, i came across an article which was written by a young Bangladeshi author. He has written that- You can’t customize the design of your blogger templates like WordPress Themes. It is completely wrong. As far as designing is concerned, you can do everything which is possible in other platforms. WordPress is considered best due to its support for Plugins which simplifies the task of users. Anyway, If you are not able to make your blogger blog attractive yourself, you can use Free Customized Blogger Templates. I have already provided a list of best Blogger Templates. If you haven’t checked them yet, just visit the below given links:

Free Blogger Template 2013

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Today, I am going to Provide you the best WordPress Converted Free Blogger Templates of 2013. The below given Blogger templates completely looks like WordPress Themes. Just use them and make your blog attractive.

Best WordPress Converted Free Blogger Templates of 2013
The list are as follows:

1.Codify Blogger Template

Codify Blogger Template

2.Maggner Blogger Template

 Maggner Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

3.Magzon Blogger Responsive Template

Free Blogger Responsive Templates

4.Lightness Blogger Template

Lightness Blogger Template

5.Freshlife Blogger Template

Fresh Life Blogger Template

Demo   Download 


Daily Theme Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

7.Mash 2 Blogger Template

Mash 2 Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

8.Eleven 40 Blogger Template

Eleven 40 Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

9.Western Blogger Template

Western Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

10.Drop Cloud Blogger Template

Drop Cloud Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

11.Stich Rule Blogger Template

stich rule Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

12.Headlines Blogger Template

headlines blogger template

Demo   Download 

13.True Pixel Blogger Template

true pixel blogger template

Demo   Download 

14.Point Blogger Template

point blogger template

Demo   Download 

15.Resizable Blogger Template

resizable blogger template

Demo   Download 

16.Black Light Blogger Template

Black Light Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

17.Delivery Blogger Template

delivery blogger template

Demo   Download 

18. Channel Pro Blogger Template

channel Pro blogger template

Demo   Download 

19. Kangis Magz Blogger Template

Kangis Magz Blogger Template

Demo   Download 

20. Tech Shadow Blogger Template

Tech shadow Blogger template

Demo   Download 

From the Editor’s Desk

All of the above provided templates are one of the best Blogger Templates which looks like Premium WordPress templates. If you want to impress your visitors with clean and impressive design, you must try them. Please Note that these Templates has not been designed by us. I am just sharing these templates so don’t remove the credit link at footer. Designers work hard for designing such nice templates for you so always give credit to their hard work.
Try these templates and let me know, what you think about them via comments. If you are facing any kind of problem, feel free to ask me.
Ravi Kumar

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