Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool: How to use it for better SEO?

Last year Blogger added automatic sitemap generation functionality to their blogger or blogspot platform. It means, your blogspot automatically generates an XML sitemap file which automatically changes its contents, when you update your blog. You can access the sitemap Page of any blogspot blog by visiting http://www.blogname.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml . If you don’t know anything about XML sitemap file, it would be interesting for you to know that an XML Sitemap file is necessary for all kind of blogs and websites. It helps the crawlers of search engines to crawl and index your blog and website. However, automatic sitemap generation doesn’t guarantee that, search engine crawlers will crawl and index all of your articles. So many times, it doesn’t index important articles which hurts. I will provide the solution of this problem via this post.

Blogger SEO TIp using XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Why can’t i use Automatic Sitemap Generation Functionality in Blogger?
As i mentioned earlier, Blogger has an Automatic Sitemap Generation Functionality which automatically creates an XML Sitemap file at http://www.yourblog.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml.  You can submit this Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools or any other place without any issue. However, When you switch to Custom Domain in blogger blog i.e something like http://www.yourblog.com, http://www.yourblog.in etc, the automatic XML sitemap generation stops working. It means, it only works domains like http://www.yourblog.blogspot.com. At this time, you need to manually configure XML sitemap for your blog.
How to use Blogger Sitemap Generator for better SEO?
You can do this by following below given method.

Method 1: Using the Blogger XML Sitemap Generator by Digital Inspiration

  • Visit http://ctrlq.org/blogger/
  • Type the url of your Blogger blog in the filed provided. You can use either blogspot.com address or your custom domain. The screenshot is shown below:

Blogger Sitemap Generator

  • Once done, click on “Generate Sitemap” button. You will see below given screen:

How to use Blogger Sitemap Generator for better SEO?

  • Now, sign into your Blogger Profile and navigate to Settings>>Search Preference. The screenshot is shown below:

Using XML Sitemap in Blogger

  • Just click on “Edit” link which is placed just beside the [Disabled] option in “Custom robot.txt”  option. The screenshot is shown below:

Using custom robot.txt in Blogger

  • Enable the Custom Robot.txt content by choosing the “Yes” option. The screenshot is given below:

Enable custom robot.txt contents in blogger

  • Now, Paste the Generated XML code(Which was generated in 3rd step) in this box. The screenshot is shown below:

Adding sitemap.xml content in blogger

  • Once done, click on “Save Changes” button and you are done. After doing this, there is no need to submit the Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Crawler will use atom.xml and will automatically index all of your contents.


Method 2: Using the Blogger XML Sitemap Generator by MBT

Blogger Sitemap Generator

  • In the first textbox, type the name of your url including” http://” at the begining and “/” at the end of url. For example – http://www.bankerzindia.com/  or http://www.yourblog.blogspot.com/.
  • In the second text box, type the number of Post present in your blogspot blog. Check the below given screen for understanding this matter clearly.

Using Blogger Sitemap Generator for better Seo

  • Once done, click on “Submit” button. It will generate an atom.xml for you. The screenshot is shown below:

Atom.xml for blogger using Blogger Sitemap Generator

  • You will have to submit the generator Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.  To do this, open the homepage of Google Webmaster Tool and click on your website. In Dashboard, click on “Sitemaps”. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Adding sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

  • A new window will Open. Click on “Add/Test sitemap” button. The screenshot is given below:

Add XML sitemap for Blogger Blogs in Webmaster Tools

  • Now, add the  generated atom.xml(Generated in above step 4) in the space provided. The screenshot is shown below:

adding blogger sitemap file in Google Webmaster Tools

  • For understanding the above mentioned step much better, see the below given figure:

submit sitemap file in Blogger

  • Once done, click on “Submit Sitemap” button. After clicking this button, you will see the below given screen:

atom.xml sitemap submission in webmaster tools

  • Just click on “Refresh the Page” link . You would be able to see the result. The screenshot is given below:

How to use xml sitemap in blogger for better SEO?

  • That’s it. You are done. Enjoy
From the Editor’s Desk
Blogger Sitemap Generator is really helpful for blogger users because it generates Sitemap file for bloggers.  This article was the first part of “Blogger Advanced SEO Pack for Beginners and Advanced Users” where i demonstrated you, the way of using Sitemap Generator for better SEO. Just apply it in your blogger blog and enjoy.
Don’t forget to write a comment after trying these steps.
Ravi Kumar

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