CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review

CommentLuv Premium Review

Almost 18 days ago, i published an article on this blog where i provided the trick to Convert Commentluv Free Plugin into Commentluv Premium for Free. That article was liked by so many readers and i got lots of appreciation for publishing that article as well. On 18th October, Andy Bailey( the developer of CommentLuv Plugin) offered me a free License of CommentLuv Premium Plugin which was obviously a good news for me. I accepted his proposal and started using CommentLuv Premium Plugin on this blog after removing the free version of CommentLuv Plugin. After using it for 18 days, i decided to write its Review.

Lots of debates about the use of CommentLuv Plugin are going on Internet which is quite strange for me because it is extremely useful plugin for Bloggers. In this Review, i will tell you about my Personal experience with CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

What is CommentLuv?
CommentLuv is not new to bloggers. It would be strange to hear from a blogger that he doesn’t know anything about CommentLuv. Anyway, if you still don’t know anything about it, it is one of the best comment system Plugin for WordPress Users. It inspires your visitors to comment on your blog post and thus improves user’s engagement.
What is CommentLuv Premium and CommentLuv Free Plugin?

CommentLuv comes in two version i.e Paid and Free. Paid version of CommentLuv Plugin is known as CommentLuv Premium and comes with lots of features and functionalities which will be discussed later in this Review Article. You can buy a Single Site License for $67. The cost of Multi site License is $87 and the cost of Unlimited License is $97. If you are really serious about blogging, i will recommend you to buy CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

As the name suggests, CommentLuv Free Plugin is available completely for free but it lacks lots of features and functionalities. Since it is available for free, lots of Bloggers are using it on their blog.

Features of CommentLuv Premium Plugin
The list of Features are listed below:

1. CommentLuv

CommentLuv feature allows your commentators to add the link of their last blog post to the end of comment provided that they use the URL of their blog and it has valid Feed. When someone hover over those links later on, it automatically shows some information about that link. You can also award your readers by giving them a backlink.

2. Twitter Link Comments

Twitter Link Comments

As shown in the above figure, it adds an extra field to your comment form and allows your visitors to use their Twitter Username while commenting. After the approval of comment, these twitter link works as follow-me link.

3. GASP Plugin

GASP Plugin

GASP stands for Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. As the name suggests, it saves you from spammers or Machine bots which tries to post useless comments on your blog. It adds a check box below the “Post Comment” button. No one can post their comment without putting a check mark in this check box. The screenshot for the same is shown in above figure.  I was already using Akismet Plugin but still GASP was quite helpful. If you hate spammers, GASP is a must use Plugin. It comes in-built with CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

4. Keyword Name

It’s functionality is similar to Popular KeywordLuv Plugin but it also provides some premium features which allows you to enable this Functionality only for your regular readers. You can also set your own rules text and can deny all keywords in names as well. I have already written about KeywordLuv Plugin. Lets see my views:

This Plugin reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords. For example- if you have written “Ravi Kumar Blogging Tricks”, it will show your profile name as “Ravi Kumar from Blogging Tricks” while showing your comments on any site. if they’ve made a certain amount of comments or have registered to your site. Rewards your readers even more! I don’t know, whether it is helpful or not because i don’t like this plugin.


5.Reply Me Premium

ReplyMe premium allows you to send an Email to your commentator when they get reply to their comment. I really liked this Plugin because it is helpful in bringing your existing readers back to your blog. You can set when author will get reply i.e when they get the reply of their comment or when anyone comments on that particular Blog post.

I always recommend users to send an EMail only to the comment author when they get reply to their comment. Sending an EMail everytime is like disturbing them all the time which can be annoying for them.

You can also redirect an user to any specific Page after they submit their first comment.


6.Anti-Backlink Plugin

This plugin is the latest addition in the list of CommentLuv Features. This plugin adds some anti-evil-backlinkers function in CommentLuv Premium. It allows you to put a particular commentator in whitelist and blacklist. The comment of a backlisted user will never appear on your dashboard. Most of the spammers doesn’t have Gravatar or Twitter account. It uses these fields to differentiate between a genuine user and a spammer as well. If you trust anyone, you can use “AbLinkTools” to put them into whiteList. For complete information, watch the below given video:


CommentLuv Premium Features Vs CommentLuv Free Features
Features     CommentLuv Premium Plugin CommentLuv Free Plugin
CommentLuv Plugin  Yes Yes
Twitter Link Comments Yes No
Keyword Name Yes No
ReplyMe Yes No
Anti Backlink Yes No


Advantages of Using CommentLuv Premium Plugin on Your Blog
I have already listed the features of CommentLuv Premium Plugin. It has many advantages which are listed below:

1. You get More Comments

As i mentioned earlier, CommentLuv allows commentators to add the link of their last blog Post(Provided that their blog has a valid feed), it encourages them to comment on your blog. As a result, you will get more comments. An user of commentLuv Premium Plugin can allow their loyal readers to choose the links of his last 10 blog posts.

2. Improves User’s Interaction

If your visitors are commenting on your blog post, it means they are actually reading your blog posts. If your blog post is really interesting, they will ask few questions from you as well. Always answer those questions because it will increase user’s interaction with you. Always give importance to the comments of your visitors.

3. Filter Spam Comment

As i mentioned earlier, CommentLuv Premium plugin comes with GASP Plugin which is considered as the best anti-spam plugin. Most of the new bloggers find it difficult to handle spammers. By using GASP plugin, you can prevent your blog from spammers.

4. Bring your Visitor Back to your Blog

CommentLuv Premium contains Reply Me plugin which sends an EMail when anyone give reply to their comments. After receiving the EMail, the author of any particular comment will visit your blog again which can be really helpful for you.

Using this Plugin, you can also notify the Guest Authors about the new comments which has been posted by users on their Guest Post.

5.Give Backlink to your Loyal Readers

If you think that, a particular user is very active on your blog and is your Loyal Reader, You can give backlink to him as well. It will also encourage other bloggers to visit your blog regularly.

Disadvantage of CommentLuv Premium Plugin
It’s quite strange but i failed to find any major disadvantage in CommentLuv Premium Plugin due to its superb features. It is a must use Plugin for Bloggers. As i mentioned earlier, I started using the Premium Version 18 days ago but i am really impressed.
However, i receive lots of Emails of users where they say that the rates are a bit high for them. I don’t think that rates are actually high as compared to some other wordPress Plugins but still Andy can work in this field.
Myths Associated with CommentLuv
It is quite interesting but certain Myths are still associated with CommentLuv which are explained below:

1. CommentLuv is Bad for SEO

I came across some blogs which has written that CommentLuv is not good for SEO. However, they failed to explain me the reason because CommentLuv also works like a normal wordPress comment system and offers outbound links. If default WordPress comments system is not bad for SEO, how commentLuv can be? Stop believing on such articles. Most of the pro-bloggers are using commentLuv on their blog which shows that, it doesn’t affect SEO at all.

2. CommentLuv encourage Spammers not the Genuine commentators

Some bloggers are also there, who believes that CommentLuv encourages spammers not the Genuine Commentators. People comment only to get backlink. Their thinking is wrong because if you are an user of commentLuv Plugin, you can decide whether you want to give do-follow link to your commentators or not.

3.CommentLuv increases the number of Dead Link on a Blog

It is quite strange but some bloggers also believe that commentLuv increase the number of Dead Link. I was using CommentLuv Free version from last 8 months and now using CommentLuv Premium but never faced any such issue due to it so you can’t blame CommentLuv for this.

If you are facing this kind of issue, you can use Broken Link Checker Plugin to get rid of this.

4. CommentLuv doesn’t increase traffic

It’s like a big joke to me.  Nowhere is written that commentLuv will increase traffic. It’s not a magical product. If your blog doesn’t have quality content, you won’t be able to get traffic. SEO also matters.


Final Words
I never believe on others so i tested CommentLuv Premium on this blog and am really happy with its performance. That’s probably the reason why, i am recommending it to you as well.  Have a look on the blogs of your niche. I am pretty sure that, they are also using CommentLuv which shows its usefulness.
According to me, CommentLuv Premium is a must use WordPress Plugin and I am a big fan of this Product. Thanks to Andy Bailey.
Ravi Kumar

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