How to Create your own blogging community website using Pligg?

Traffic matters most for any blog or website because it decides their earning. Normally we divide traffic into two major parts: Direct Traffic and Referral Traffic. Direct Traffic refers to those visitors who come to your site by typing the url of your site in address bar of their Web browser. It also include bookmark pages, saved pages etc. When you promote your Contents on internet, You get Referral Traffic.

Some popular ways of getting referral traffic are : (1) Guest Posting (2) Blog Commenting (3) Content Sharing on various social Networks (4) Promotion of contents on Blogging Communities.

I was unaware of Blogging Communities till Nov 2013. After knowing about blogging communities, I started sharing my articles on top blogging communities. As a result, I got lots of referral traffic. While promoting my articles on Top blogging communities, the idea of making a similar community came into my mind. I was not much serious but still decided to know about the procedure. Finally, I found a free CMS platform in the form of Pligg which allows you to create your own blogging community websites within few minutes. In this blog post, I will show you the complete method.

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What is the Meaning of Blogging Community Websites?
start blogging community
Blogging Community websites are those websites which allows you to submit your articles just by adding the url of your blog posts. You can read and share articles on various categories which are submitted by other bloggers. It is not only helpful in attracting traffic to your blog but you can also build better relation with other quality bloggers.
Examples of top Blogging Community Websites
So many Blogging Communities are there on internet but only few of them are popular. I am providing you the list of some best Blogging Community websites:
  1. BlogEngage
  2. DoSplash
  3. Klinkk
  5. Blokube
  6. BizSugar
Why starting a Blogging Community website is a good Idea?
In last couple of years, competition has increased a lot in the field of blogging. The idea of starting a blog on “Blogging or Technology Niche” is not helpful anymore. If you want to be successful, you should try to do something new and productive.
Starting a blogging Community website can be a good option for you due to below given facts:
  • More chances of getting Success – Chances of getting success is more in Blogging Community websites as compared to a blog.
  • No need to waste time in writing articles – In blogging communities, bloggers submit their article for promotion. You just publish them on the basis of their quality.
  • Building relation with Bloggers is easy : Building a relationship with other bloggers is important for getting success. Through Blogging community, you would be able to interact with so many bloggers at one place.
  • No need to waste time on Promotion – Webmasters often promote their blogging communities for getting popularity but i have noticed that, that’s not necessary. If your blogging community has some quality, people will share it with their friends and followers which is the best way getting exposure.

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Hosting Companies which support one-click installation of Pligg?
As I informed you earlier, Pligg is a free CMS platform which allows you to build Blogging Community website. If you are naive user, You can install Pligg through one-click install facility in cPanel of your hosting company. Using this facility, you can install pligg within 5 minutes without any hassle or trouble. Popular Hosting companies which contains one-click install facility for Pligg are listed below :
  1. Arvixe 
  2. Hostgator
  3. Godaddy
  4. Dreamhost ($80 discount coupon – GETEVERYTHINGORG)
  5. Bluehost
  6. More list of supported hosts

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How to create your own blogging community using Pligg on Bluehost?
The procedure of installing Pligg using one-click installer is almost same in all host. I am demonstrating the process in Bluehost. Simply follow the below given procedure:
  • First of all, Log into your cPanel Account.
  • In your cPanel, click on “One-Click Installs” option. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Installing pligg in bluehost

  • After clicking on “One-Click Installs” option, You will get a new screen which will show you the list of scripts which supports one-click install.  Just scroll down that page until you see “Social Networking” section. In this section, click on “Pligg” Option. The screenshot of the same is shown below.

Installing Pligg in Bluehost

  • After clicking on “Pligg” Option as shown in above figure, You will get the below given screen. Just click on “Start” Option:

Creating Blogging Community in Bluehost


  • After clicking on “Start” button as shown in above figure, You will get the list of your domain. If you have purchased only one domain, you will see it only. However, If you have purchased more than one domains, you will have to choose the domain where you want to install Pligg. For example- I have used “” for installing Pligg.

Installing Pligg on Bluehost

  • Make sure that you have checked the check box which says “OOPS! Looks like something already exists there! I understand that continuing will overwrite the files.” .
  • Once done, Click on “Check Domain” Option. After that, click on “Advanced” option to name your site and choosing your admin username and password. You can also change this credentials later on. Once done, Click on “Install Now” Option. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Install pligg in bluehost

  • Clicking on “Install Now” button will install Pligg in your domain. If you want to change the Install location of Pligg, click on “Change Install Location“. After the completion of installation process, Bluehost will show you the details of your installed script. The screenshot for the same is given below:

Installing Blogger Community site for free

  • For example- I have installed Pligg at It means, my demo Blogging Community website is live there. I haven’t installed any Template yet so it is showing the default template.

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Where should I found Pligg One-click install option in Hostgator?
  • Log into the cPanel of your Hostgator Account.
  • Under Software/Services category, click on “QuickInstall” option. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Installing Pligg at Hostgator

  • After clicking on “Quick Install” option, You will see the list of various Scripts which supports Quick Install.
  • Move to “CMS Software” category. Click on “Pligg” Option.

Instaling Pligg in Hostgator


  • Rest process is quite easy. To complete the installation, just follow the on-screen instruction.

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How to install Templates in your Pligg Site?
  • First of all Purchase and download a stylish Pligg Template. You can find some best Pligg templates at  Popular Blogging Community sites like BlogEngage is also using the template listed here.
  • Unzip the Pligg Template file in your computer. Upload the downloaded “Template Folder” to “Template” directory in your server’s directory.
  • Once done, login as an administrator in your pligg website.Then go to “Configure Pligg” and select “Template”. Click on your current template name and edit it.
  • There, Enter the name of the folder of your new template(new downloaded template).
  • Hurray. You have configured it completely. Your Pligg website will start showing your new Template. enjoy
From the Editor’s Desk
By using Different Templates, Modules and Package , you can make your Pligg Website much better. Popular Blogging communities like BlogEngageDoSplashKlinkk etc are using different Templates, Modules and Packages. If you are really serious about your own Blogging Community, start investing some money and purchase premium Templates, Modules and Packages.

Now a days, several Blogging communities are doing exceptionally well and their Administrators are earning handsome money as well so starting your own Blogging Community website is not a bad idea at all. What do you say?
Try this and give me your feedback. If your Host doesn’t support the one-click installation of Pligg, You can still install it manually. For instructions, you can mail me. I will feel happy to help you.

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  1. says

    Thank You very Much I was always in search of this kind of software to create a site like Blogengage. I also talked with them but they never reveal the secret .

    Thank You very much It will really a great great and awesome article which help me start my new project. that is Where Blogger can use it as a Blog Publication Platform

    • says

      Yeah it’s quite normal DK. Admin will never tell you, How they created their site. That’s why, I decide to write a tutorial. Thank god, you liked it.

  2. says

    Hi Ravi Brother,

    Excellent article. It worth more to know about this. Yes blogging communities really help to increase traffic. We should be aware of how to create it. Hundreds of thanks for this. Let me also make a note about this. Blogging community and and hope you add these to your list and getblogtraffic uses a theme related to blogengage.

    Thanks very much for this article.

  3. says

    Great tutorial about creating blogging community with pligg cms already I have created an blogging community site which will be released soon hope this helps for others too

  4. says

    That’s great article buddy. But I’d like to disagree you here.

    I personally don’t think creating a blogging community would be a good idea. Because it requires a lot of traffic and time in order to get succeed. However, if you already had a good amount of fan base, better to build a community around your blog itself.

    WordPress offer a great plugin called BuddyPress which allows to create a blogging community website. It is often also called a plugin for creating a social networking website.

    Thanks for letting us know about pligg.

    • says

      Traffic always matters shahzad. You said quite right about “BuddyPress” but it lacks some functionalities when compared with Pligg. That’s probably the reason why blogging communities like BlogEngage,Klinkk,DoSplash etc are using Pligg instead of Buddypress. What do you say?

  5. says

    Hello Ravi,
    I’ve  never heard of Pligg, but it looks very interesting.  I will take a deeper look at it.  Thank you for sharing this!

  6. says

    I am currently building a site using Pligg and i must confess i never knew Pligg is such an awesome tool. Now i understand the secret of success of some sites like BlogEngage, BizSugar, Klinkk etc that used it for their site design.

  7. says

    Hi Ravik,

    creating a Pligg site may sound “easy” to install, but the hard part is creating a community of real people, who is going to share quality content and participate actively.

    I confirm that if you have a good platform, with nice layout and interesting functions (and you keep it SPAM free), fellow bloggers are going to spread the word about your site, without really asking.

    Thank you so much for mentioning Klinkk! :-)

    Really appreciated!

    • says

      Nice to see you here Erik. I completely agree with your statement. Creating a pligg site is easy but it’s difficult to manage. Anyway..Klinkk is doing a fantastic job. Good luck

  8. says

    thanks for sharing this ravi :) i want also to create a blog community of my own, the problem is this requires more time than simply handling a blog. further, i also have to consider the kind of services that i will offer to my readers to make my blogging community more successful. nevertheless, i am always open to this possibility :)

    bookmarked (and saved page) for future use :)

  9. says

    Hi Ravi,Almost a year ago, I was fascinated by the voting system of post aggregating sites like Reddit. I too decided to create one such site. As an experiment, I started a subdomain on a blog of mine and used ‘Pligg’.

    That was my first tryst with pligg. I agree that it is a handy tool and relatively easy to set up an aggregating site or community site using it.

    But the difficult part is fighting spam and growing traffic. If you are an influencer in your niche and starting up a community, you\’ll get the necessary exposure easily. For beginners, building up reputation is difficult.

    It is an informative post about the topic bro! Definitely will be of use to those looking forward to use Pligg.

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Add ‘Via @Twitter Handle’ to Async Social Sharing’s Tweet ButtonMy Profile

    • says

      I agree with you Arun. Traffic is the most essential part for any kind of website. For beginners, it’s a bit difficult to build traffic but still Pligg is considered best for creating blogging community sites. What do you say?

  10. says

    This would be my first step to understanding my pligg site and how to build a stronger community, thanks for the info.

  11. says

    Hello Ravi,
    It was an informative post.  I have not used pligg till now. Does it help to get more target traffic ?

    Anyways now a days Social media platform is no longer enough for connecting with influencers and like minded bloggers.
    Blogging Communities is a great platform where bloggers connect with each other to share their thinking and content.
    To get more exposures and global outreach we should use communities.



  12. says

    Hey ravi

    Your articles are helps me a lot and this time really i need your help.This time i searches for to build community site using pligg, But i want to add one more function for \“Invite Friends and get points\”. So what to do for that ?

    Please reply me Fast about this i need your help.Thanks in Advance :)

      • says

        Hey ravi Your articles are helps me a lot and this time really i need your help.This time i searches for to build community site using pligg, But i want to add one more function for \”Invite Friends and get points\”. So what to do for that ?Please reply me Fast about this i need your help.Thanks in Advance

  13. says

    i am also create my social bookmarkingsite thank u so much writer

    my site :

    check and tell me defect in my site.please tell me.

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