Earn $100 for writing every single article at Listverse.com

Internet world provides equal opportunities to all users. If you are good at writing articles then you can easily make decent amount of money from your home. So many writers are working as Freelance Writers and making good amount of money. Today, i am going to provide another way of making money. While surfing internet, i cam across a Website – Listverse.com which provides interesting articles. Most of the articles in this website contains Top 10 unique points which makes it quite interesting.

What is Listverse.com?
Earn Money through Listverse.com
When i visited Listverse 2 or 3 years ago, it was not that much popular. However, it has achieved so much in last few years. Actually, it is built on the efforts of common readers and not any Professional writers. It’s contents are posted by normal visitors or writer who post unique and interesting articles. Before getting live, all articles needs the approval of listverse editor team. Once approved, the writer of that particular article gets $100 via Paypal account.
How to submit an Article at Listverse?
Just follow the below given steps to submit an article at Listverse:

Earn $100 for writing every single article at Listverse.com


  • Complete the form and finally click on “Submit List” button.
Is there any Rules?
There are no any rules. They just want unique and interesting articles so never use copy-pasting. Have a look on below given official stuffs.
Earn Money through Listverse.com
Do i need to attach images or videos in my Article?
Earn money through listverse.com
What kind of Topics are acceptable at Listverse.com?
The topics of below given fields are normally accepted at Listverse.com:
  1. Mysteries Mysteries are the most important topics, which attracts visitors and is probably the most popular topic. It contains topics like- Unsolved Mysteries about Man, The Universe, UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Existence of God, Witches etc
  2. Dark Side of ManArticles which discuss the darker side of a human being also does well. It contains topics such as – Top 10 Evil Men, Top 10 Evil Women etc
  3. Secrets– This field is little different from mysteries. It covers the topic, which people either doesn’t know or isn’t meant to know. Examples- Secret codes, Ciphers, Places which are unknown etc.
  4. Facts of Misconceptions – This field contains some new concepts which can replace the old concepts.
  5. History – Articles which deals historical topics are also loved by users so they are acceptable at listverse. For ex- Top 10 people who were burned at the stake etc

To know more about the Author’s or article writing guidelines, read the complete eBook by clicking on below given Button.

Read the Guidelines

Hints and Important Tips for getting the Approval
Earn $100 for writing every single article at Listverse.com
Terms and Condition posed by Listverse.com
Terms and Condition posed by Listverse.com
That’s it from my side. Now, its upon you.
From the Editor’s Desk
As i mentioned earlier, Listverse.com is one of the best platform for the writers, who loves to write interesting contents. There is no need to have professional writing knowledge. If you know something, which is not known to this world or is interesting, just write about it and submit it to the Listverse.com.
Once they accept your Article, you will immediately get $100 via Paypal. Just give it a try and show your response via comments.
Ravi Kumar

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