Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide for Beginners

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for any website/Blog or Forum for getting targeted visitors from the search engines. These days, so many bloggers are starting their blog which is not bad but they start sharing several SEO and other stuffs without having proper knowledge which can be extremely dangerous for users, who follow their guidelines. How  One can provide you SEO Tips, If his/her own blog is not doing well in Search Engines. Similary, One can’t give you the trick to increase your daily visitor, If his/her own blog is low in traffic.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

According to me, A blogger who has suffered or experimented lots of things in his blogging career is the right person to provide you the correct guidance. So stop Applying the tricks provided by each and every blogger. Before Applying those tricks, try to know the Age of that particular blog,  Background and Reputation of Editor/Writer.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

These days, lots of similar SEO articles are creating confusion among new visitors. Believe me, I get more than 30 problems related to SEO per week . However, most of them are Extremely basic which suggests that the user is a newbie in SEO with very little knowledge. For such kind of users,  I have found an Official SEO E-Book of Google. The Name of this E-Book is Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It contains all the necessary basic SEO techniques. This E-Book is provided by Google for free so i am just sharing the download link so that, you can download or read the book online.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide: Contents
The contents of Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is depicted below with the help of an Image:
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Why you should Read Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
So many reasons are there but i am listing the important ones only:
  1. It has been created by Google which means you can trust its methods.
  2. It contains Explanation of all necessary Basic SEO techniques which are quite helpful for bloggers and webmasters.
  3. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is user friendly and easy to understand.
  4. After reading this E-Book and applying the mentioned techniques, You would be able to improve the performance of your website/blog/ forum in Search Engine Result Pages.
  5. This E-Book is completely free!
How to Download this SEO E-Book for Free?
As i mentioned Earlier, Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is completely free. To download it, simply click on the below given download Button.
Just download or Read this SEO book online and try to apply various methods on your blog or website. You will surely see better result. If you have any problem related to SEO, ask the same either via comments or send your problems using our Contact Us Page.
Don’t Forget to give the feedback about this E-Book after reading it.
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