How Google AuthorRank is different from Google PageRank

Google AuthorRank vs Google PageRank

Google AuthorRank vs Google PageRank

In my last Post, I tried to inform you about the Google AuthorRank.It will be quite useful for the Authors and webmasters.Google AuthorRank is very new to the users and so many users are there who still thinks that Google AuthorRank is same as Google PageRank which is totally wrong.In this Post, I will explain you the difference between Google AuthorRank and Google PageRank so read the complete post to see the difference between these two strategies of Google.

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What is the Meaning of Google AuthorRank?
Google AuthorRank is a new strategy of Google to filter contents means analyzing the Quality of Contents.It will also help Webmasters in getting better visibility in Google search results.Google defines AuthorRank as follows:

The identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings

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How Google AuthoRank is different from Google PageRank
Google AuthorRank is completely a new strategy of Google to filter contents based upon the Quality of Authors whereas Google PageRank is an old strategy which rank websites on the basis of Quality of contents on web pages.
Google is the best search engine in the world and it uses two types of algorithm i.e Query-Dependent and Query-Independent to show results when a user performs any search.The first one i.e Query Dependent algorithm which takes account of content which either matches the entered query exactly or relate to it.Both Google AuthorRank or Google PageRank are query-dependent algorithms.
Generally three kinds of things are there on Internet.They are as follows:
  • Content
  • Content Writers or Authors
  • Web Page or Domain Name

Google PageRank gives importance to first and third elements i.e Content and Web Page or Domain Name whereas Google AuthorRank gives importance to Content and Author(content Writer).

Since Google AuthorRank is related to Author so it can affect many domains because writers can write on different domains or webPage.However Google PageRank affect only one Domain.

Google AuthorRank is subject dependent which means an Author who writes on Scientists or science related topics will definitely get better ranking in Science.However GooglePage Rank is not subject dependent.It only checks the quality of content on webpage.

Google AuthorRank is much better than Google PageRank because you can get better PR by buying Quality links or  writing Guest Post on Quality Blogs but Google AuthorRank adds value to content only on the basis of many factors  like- Quality contents,Subscribers,Google+ circle follower,Comments on Contents etc.

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Which one is Better: Google AuthorRank or Google PageRank
As written Above, Google PageRank depends upon some factors like Nature of Incoming links,Quality of Contents,Linking etc.You can improve your Google PageRank by buying Quality Links or writing Guest Posts on High PR blogs quite easily.In other words, we can say that Google PageRank mostly maps the Quality of content.Since it is the best tool to check contents, Google is not looking to replace it with any other strategy, not even with newly introduced Google AuthorRank.You can use Google PageRank to check how Good, A particular website is(In terms of Quality contents).
Google AuthorRank is also a better strategy where you can’t increase your ranking by buying links.It depends upon many factors like- Quality contents,Social sharing,Number of comments,Social Activities etc.It generally maps the engagement users with Contents.In other words, we can say that high Google AuthorRank means more popularity of contents among users.
Will AuthorRank replace PageRank?
I don’t think so.Google PageRank is still important and there isn’t any chance that Google AuthorRank will replace it.However it will make the PageRank more accurate and powerful.Now for getting better PageRank, you will have to get better AuthorRank as well.Reverse is also true which means Better AuthorRank means better PageRank.It means  a site with better PR will now show not only better contents but also better popularity as well.
What are your views about it.Share your views with us by commenting below.
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