How to choose a Perfect domain name for your blog or website- Complete instructions

Most of the newbie blogger think that domain name doesn’t matter much.Only thing which matters most is the contents.If you are also among them then wait.Contents are undoubtedly the king but choosing a perfect domain name for your blog or website is equally helpful for gaining popularity as well.Today,i will share some important tips for choosing a perfect domain name for your new blog or website.

 How to choose a Perfect domain name for your blog or website

Before going deep on this subject,it would be important to know the meaning of Domain name.It is quite important because i still feel that so many peoples are there who doesn’t know the real meaning of Domain Names.If you are also among them then here is your answer.

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What is the meaning of domain name?

I don’t want to goo too much technical.In simple words,a domain name is very similar to the plot of land where you decide to build your house.It acts as the unique identity of your webpage.For example- is the domain name.The several domain name extensions are .com,.net,.in,.org etc.Normally a domain’s length can be up to 63 characters including special characters like “-“.However shorter domain names are always preferred over long one.

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From where should i purchase the domain name?

Few years ago,it was really tough to get a Domain Name but now it is as easy as registering for a new email account.You will find various domain registrars who provides domain names.You cal also buy domain names from various hosting companies, etc

How to choose a Perfect domain name for your blog or website?
So many people start blogging and quit the same after sometime.Actually people always find difficulty in choosing a Perfect domain name for their blog or website because when they plan to use a domain name,they find that it has been already used by someone else.That’s probably the reason why people often choose the wrong domain names.However before choosing a domain name,you should consider below given points:

1- Use short name

As discussed above,a domain name can have up to 63 characters but a short blog name or domain is much easier to remember than a long one.Try to choose a domain which can be easily remembered.Don’t use any complicated name otherwise your visitors will always find it difficult to remember and thus you will loose them to some extent.

2-Use keywords of your niche

Most of the time,people doesn’t visit any blog if its name is too confusing.It should be clean enough to reflects the contents.For is a domain name which shows that it contains stuffs related to Android so people will visit it(if they have interest in android).

Let’s assume that the name of your domain is and you write on blogging.Why people will visit your blog just after checking the domain name?It doesn’t actually reflects even a single word about blogging.

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3-Always use a .com domain extension

Now a days,so many domain extensions are available and you can choose any of them but it is always recommended to use .com domain extension because it is the most popular extension.Most of the people simply add .com at the end because they are much more familiar with it.Suppose that you have a blog name but most of the time,people will try to find your blog by typing due to the popularity of .com(specially in asian countries).I am not using .com extension for this blog because i was inspired from Aggarwal) who is considered as the father of bloggers in india.However later on,i felt that .com was a much better choice than .org as it represents an organization.

4-Use familiar names

The names which are familiar to you are easy to remember than the one which is completely new for you.Lets take the example of our blog where i am using Here the name “Geteverything” is a common name which is used by millions of people daily.

If you are using a name something like then people will only visit your blog through search engines because the name is pretty hard to remember.Do you agree?

5-Don’t use hyphens and numbers

I have visited many blogs which are using names such as and something similar to that.I will recommend you not to use that kind of domains because normally,users doesn’t include hyphens in domain names.It will be easier for them to use “” than “”.

The major disadvantage of using hyphens in your domain is loss of visitors because most of the times,they forget to add hyphens and thus will never reach to your blog.You must be thinking that if it has only disadvantage then why people use hyphens in their domain.It is only because hyphens informs search engines about the keywords much more efficiently.In the above example i.e for “”,search engine will consider “android” and “doctor” separately.However it  can’t be considered as a good practice for attracting users which is most important.

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6-Avoid Copyright Infringement

While choosing a domain name,make sure that you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright with your site’s name.Before buying a domain name,you must visit for the same.

7-Don’t use names similar to popular domains of your niche

MBT which stands for and is a very popular blog about blogging.I have noticed that so many other bloggers are there who are copying not just its contents but also its name as well.They use domains like, and something similar to that.

I will advise you not to do that.It is because most of the people know about  popular blogs and websites.If you are using similar names then they will think that you are just copying it and it will leave a negative impact on them.Try to use a unique name.

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8-Don’t choose a domain name starting with “the”

There is no such rule but i have noticed that domains which starts with “The” are less popular.Search engines also neglects these domains as well.Actually my friend was using “” but it failed to get a better ranking in search engines.I am writing this on the basis of that.

However if you feel that i am wrong at this point then leave your reply through comments.

From the Editor’s Desk
I know that choosing a Perfect domain name for your blog or website is not that easy but you can make it easy by following the above tips which explains each and everything very clearly(i guess).
However if you feel that i have missed any major point in my post “How to choose a Perfect domain name for your blog or website”,feel free to inform me through comments.It would be a pleasure for me to learn new things.
Ravi Kumar

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