How to Choose Killer headlines for your Blog Post?

Headlines are always important for bloggers and readers.A recent survey shows that 80% of visitor just read your headline and then leave your site.Only 20% of them actually view your content.It is probably the reason why your Blog Post title should be cachy and interesting.However it is extremely difficult for a new blogger due to lack of ideas and knowledge about the taste of visitors.Today,i will show you “How to Choose Killer headlines for your Blog Post?”.The procedure of choosing killer headlines for your blog post is not so complicated.

How to Choose Killer headlines for your Blog Post?

Before i start writing on Tips for choosing killer headlines for your blog post,it would be interesting to know the reason why Ordinary Headlines fails to grab the attension of readers.

Why Ordinary Headline Fails to Grab the Attension of Readers?
The common reasons why Ordinary Headlines fails to Grab the attension of Readers are as follows:
  • Reader fails to know,what it’s all about.
  • Reader fails to know,How it is helpful for them.
  • Too complex.
  • Boring
  • Non-attractive and cachy.


How to Choose Killer headlines for your Blog Post?
Someone has said that “Cover of a book doesn’t tell you about its content”.It is extremely wrong as far as blogging is concerned because reader only view your content,if your blog post title seems interesting and useful for them. Headlines format which often attract visitors are given below:

#1- How to Headlines

How to” Headlines are one of the most common format of writing catchy headlines.It always attract viewers because it teach some lesson to them.They will definitely view your content,if it is interesting to them.Some of the common examples of this kind of Headlines are as follows:

#2- “The Secret of ” headlines

This kind of headlines attract visitors because they think that it will reveal some secrets.These kind of headline formats are used by most of the good bloggers.Example of such headlines are as follows:

  • The Secret of writing Killer Post titles for your blog.
  • The secret of earning huge income from a new blog.
  • The secret of getting rich in just 5 months

#3- “To avoid”  headlines

These kind of headlines often attract either new bloggers or newbie visitors who want to know the steps which can create problem for them.They always want to get better results so they will read your content.Common examples of “To Avoid” headlines are as follows:

  • 5 Mistakes to avoid while writing Headlines

#4- “Unknown or little known” headlines

“Unknown” or “Little Known” kind of headlines also attract visitors because they think that they will get some information which are still unknown or little known to the world.Some common examples are as follows:

  • Unknown ways of Generating traffic to your blog.
  • Little Known methods of writing cachy and attractive headlines for your blog posts
  • Little Known Ways To Make Your Headlines Best

#5- “Get rid of” headlines

“Get Rid of” type Headlines always attract visitors.However it is considered best for attracting bloggers who are not new but still want to learn.Some common examples are as follows:

  • Get Rid of Boring Headlines and increase your adsense earning instantly.
  • Get Rid of inactive subscribers and make most out of your blog.
  • Get Rid of boring blog design and attract quality visitors

#6- Number headlines

Don’t get confused.Headlines which include numbers are often considered catchy and attractive.People visit such kind of post because they think that the editor has choosen some best points for them.

#7-Question asking headlines

These kind of headlines increases interaction between readers and editors.It depends upon the bloggers,how they use these titles.They should use some common points in such headlines.Examples of such headlines are as follows:

#8- Negative headlines

Negative Headlines is considered among the advanced headlines.These kind of headlines were not used 5 or 6 years ago but they are ey catching and thus used by most of the bloggers now.Some common examples are as follows:

  • Change your writing style otherwise you will loose your readers.
  • Don’t start your new blog on blogging otherwise you will fail.
  • Don’t use complex headlines otherwise readers will not come to your blog.

#9- Controversial headlines

“Controversial Headlines” always create interest.That’s probably the reason why such post always gets large number of comments.Some common examples of such headlines are as follows:

  • Disqus or Commentluv Plugin-Which one is best?
  • Blogger or WordPress-Which one is the best blogging platform?

#10- Best and Worst Headlines

Best and Worst Headlines also attracts visitors because they always want to know,what is best and what is worst in their niche.It is really important for them as well.Some common examples for the same are as follows:

#11-Power headlines

These kind of headlines works because they target lower level of mind.They makes a reader curious.To know the answer,they click on the link and thus view your contents.Some common examples are as follows:

#12-Announcement headlines

You can’t use this kind of headlines all the time.It is because some popular companies or websites like blogger,wordPress etc  release such announcements.They grab attension only if you are too quick to write about these announcements on your blog.If you are late then now one will visit your link.Common examples are as follows:

#13- Commanding headlines

Commanding Headlines is another way to attract reader to your blog.So many bloggers are there who think that these kind of headings are not so important but my experience is a bit different.For me,commanding headlines has worked like a charm so you should also use it.Some common examples are as follows:

  • Stop wasting your Money on websites,simply start blogging with blogger for free.
  • Become famous in just 5 months through blogging.
  • Stop freelance writing and start your carrier as professional blogger
From the Editor’s Desk
I started blogging because my motive was to help new bloggers and i am exactly doing that.Through this blog post,i tried to show,”How you can choose killer headlines for your blog post?”.I have included almost all important points.So simply use them and convert your visitors into Readers.
What do are your views about this post?If you think that i have missed something,advise me through comments.
Ravi Kumar

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