How to get backlink from high PR sites?

How to get backlink from high PR sites?

In the begging when Google search was launched,they used the backlinks to determine how popular is the content.Now the strategy has changed a lot but still the importance of backlink is same.Backlinks from high PR sites can really help you to  get higher ranking in search engines.I have seen so many sites which has quality contents,On-Page seo and almost everything except quality backlinks and they fail to get higher rankings in Search results.Google is the best search engine in the world and consider do-follow backlinks from high PR sites as the point to rank your site high in their search results.So many people waste a large amount of money for buying links which is not a good idea.Today i am sharing a trick to get backlinks from PR9,PR8,PR7 sites which will really help your website a lot.

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How to get backlink from high PR sites?
It is actually not a trick but it is a legal tip.Everyone can do it without any issue.Just have a look on below given methods:

1. Backlink from PR9 sites for free

(1)Backlink from Adobe.com

Adobe.com is a PR9 website.It is a well known website and you can easily get a backlink from there.To do the same, create a new user account at Adobe.com and verify it.Once done,fill appropriate details in your profile with your website’s link.If it doesn’t allow you to add links of your website then go to Adobe Forum and put an original looking problem with your blog’s URL.

(2)Backlink from Mozilla.org

Mozilla.org is another reputed website which has a PageRank of 9.From my experience,i have noticed that it is the highest attainable PR for any website.The process of getting backlink from this site is also same.Just sign up Free for Mozilla Account,fill out your details and activate your account.Now login into your Mozilla account and create your Profile Page.Here write a small biography with the link of your website/blog.

2.Backlinks from PR 8 websites for free

(1)Backlink from TED.com

Ted.com is also an established website which contains innovative videos,research etc.For getting a backlink from ted.com,sign up at Ted.com and activate your account.Once done,log into your profile and click on Profile>>Edit Profile.Now scroll down and enter your website link with appropriate keyword.You are done.

(2)Backlink from filezilla-project.org
Just create your account at filezilla-project.org.Activate your account.Now insert the link of your blog/website in your profile and posts.

3. Backlinks from PR7 websites for free

(1)Backlink from Eventful.com

Eventful.com is a PR7 website.The process of getting backlink is still the same.Sign up at eventful,verify your account,click on Profile option and add your information in “Add More Info” option.Add the link of your blog by using the href tag.An example for the same is <a href=”http://www.geteverything.org”>Blogging Tips and tricks</a>.

(2)Backlink from Nature.com

Nature.com can also be really helpful for you so create an account there and add the link of your website in your profile.You can also use their forum to gain backlinks and traffic as well.

4. Backlink from PR6 Websites for free

(1)Backlink from GoLoco.ORG

You need to sign up at GoLoco.ORG.In your profile,simply use the link of your website/blog with keywords.This is as easy as eating bread.

(2)Backlink from W3blog.DK

W3blog.DK is a website with PR6.To get backlinks,you will have to comment here.They provide do-follow backlinks to top commentators.

From the Editor’s Desk
All bloggers and webmasters know the value of quality backlinks.Guest posting is the best policy but there is nothing harm in getting free backlinks from High PR webistes.The method is genuine and can help you a lot so just try it and comment.
If you have any other tips or methods then share with us.
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