How to Write Fresh Contents all the Time in Your Blog?

Blogging is not easy. You can’t get success for re-writing the contents of others. Have a look on Probloggers and try to know the reason for their enormous success. I have found that, They write fresh and original content all the time. Almost all kind of blogger face this issue. They find it difficult to generate new and fresh ideas all the time.

How to Write Fresh Contents all the Time in Your Blog?


Today, I will show you “How to write fresh contents all the time in your blog?”. Actually, I am answering the question of my readers. Some of the questions sent by them are as follows:

“Hello sir. I am a new blogger. Most of the bloggers suggests us to write fresh contents but google contains almost all of my ideas. How can I write fresh contents then”

“After writing few articles, I am out of ideas. Is there any way to generate fresh content ideas?”

“I want to write fresh contents all the time in my blog but finding it difficult. Some bloggers has suggested me a way i.e Research,Research and Research. However it is also difficult for me. Is there any easies method?”

So many other question with similar contents were also there. This post will contain your answer guys so just check it.

How to Write Fresh Contents all the Time in Your Blog?
Simply follow the below given steps and generate fresh and unique contents in your blog.

1. Have a Close Look on Comments

According to me, This is the best method of Generating fresh content ideas because Users ask many questions through comments. They want to get the answer of their questions so write an article where, Try to answer their questions. Their question will give you brilliant ideas so I always suggest bloggers to have a close look on the comments.Visit the blog of others as well and read the comments of users. I am sure that, You will get so many new topics to write about.

2. Ask Your Readers to Send their Query to you

This is another method of generating new, Fresh and Genuine idea for writing quality contents in your blog. It is extremely difficult to find new topics all the time so you can use your reader for the same. Users come with so many queries which can make your task much easier so ask them to send their queries to you. For Example, I ask my readers to send their queries to either admin@geteverything.org or ravik1214@gmail.com. Believe me, I always receive so many questions.

3. Make use of Yahoo Question Answer Website

Yahoo Question Answer website can be really helpful for bloggers as it contains lot of question. Users ask their questions on daily basis. Just try to focus on questions related to your blog. If you can write on those topics then go for it. Since the queries are asked by users, You will always find genuine and new topics.

4. Make use of Facebook Fan Pages

Now a days, Facebook Fan Pages are also getting lot of questions and discussions. Administrators conducts discussions on different topics. As a result, Different users write about their interest, What they really like and What they not etc. You can use these points for the betterment of your blog. For getting genuine ideas for your blog, You should only join Fan pages, Which is related to your niche.

5. Do a Research

If you consider yourself, A Technocrat then you must research on topics before writing on them. As I said earlier, You can get better results for rewriting the articles of other bloggers. Choose any kind of topic and start researching on it. It will take time but the result will be awesome. I am Pretty sure that, You will find some new points. Users always want to read something new so they will like your Article.

6. Always Follow the Greats of your Niche on Social Networks

People use Social Networking Sites to interact with other People. Now a days, They post so many questions there as well. Due to this reason, Following the greats of your niche on social network can be really helpful for you. Follow them on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. These great peoples also shares many valuable information on these networks as well. You can also use these stuffs for writing articles on your blog. 

7. Read Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines are somewhat similar to blogs. It is a medium of mass communication which indirectly means, The involvement of large number of peoples. They contains trendy topics which are written by quality content creators and moderated by Editors so they contain impressive titles as well. Thus, You can get better ideas of writing catchy titles. So many times, You will get new ideas, After reading contents present on them. This is probably the reason why, Most of the bloggers read Magazines and Newspaper.

8. Participate in Forums related to your Niche

Most of us know that forums can drive traffic to their blog but do you know, You can get Fresh content Ideas for your blog as well? Actually, People post so many questions related to various “Bugs”,”Troubleshooting steps” and many such topics. If it is related to your blog then you can easily utilize them. For example- couple of month ago, I am to know about the error “An Error Occurred In The Upload.Please Try Again Later” in WordPress so I tried to fix it and finally written an article on this topic. It proved helpful for me and readers because at that time, My article was among few fixes.

9. Conduct or Read an Interview Experience with Top Bloggers

Top Bloggers are always a major source of inspiration for new Bloggers. A newbie can learn so many things from them. This is probably the reason why, I have started an Interview Series of Bloggers. I will conduct an Interview of Top Bloggers on regular basis. They teach you, How they write fresh contents as well so reading their interview can be really helpful as well.

10. Use your Own Observation and Skill

If you want to get better results in blogging then you will have to use your own observation and skill as well. No one can give you ideas about fresh contents all the time. Sometimes, You should apply your own mind as well. Have a close look on the trending topics related to your niche and write on any topic, Which is useful for readers.
Conduction of Review is also a better option.
From the Editor’s Desk
I think, I have provided the answer of question “How to Write Fresh Contents all the Time in Your Blog?”. You can use the above mentioned tips to write fresh contents on your blog. Try to be unique and original all the time otherwise you won’t get better results.
I have tried to include all major points in this article. However if you think that, I have missed something then tell me through comments. If you have any questions then mail at ravik1214@gmail.com or admin@geteverything.org.
Ravi Kumar

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