Is HTML5 Good or Bad for SEO?

At present, the most trendy topic for a web designers is HTML5. Almost all designers are recreating their templates with HTML5.  It has brought some changes in old HTML  tags. If you are an SEO expert or a Blogger, it is extremely important for you to know whether, HTML 5 is Good or Bad for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). So many bloggers has answered this questions but most of their answers are misleading and wrong. That’s probably the reason why, I am writing this post. So many young web designers often ask me a simple question- Is it difficult for me to learn HTML5 myself? .

My answer is quite simple- If you are already familiar with HTML Tags, it will  hardly take 1 month to learn HTML5. The working is quite similar to HTML4. If you have used the CSS codes with HTML4, use the same method to work with HTML5 as well.

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What is HTML5?
Is Html5 Good or Bad for SEO?
HTML5 is a new version of HTML which is still in development stage. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standards. Actually, HTML5 is not very different from HTML4 and still follows the XML-presentation language. New PHP developers often compares it with PHP but it is like HTML4. It has simplified so many tasks through new Tags.
What is new in HTML5?
As i mentioned earlier, HTML5 has introduced some new tags and element like-<canvas>,<audio>,<video>,<source>,<embed>,<article>,<figure>,<nav> etc to simplify the tasks but it makes the coding more complex as well.  If you already know basic HTML, it would be easier for you to learn HTML5 because it is not very different from HTML4.
Is HTML5 Good or Bad for SEO?
I have read some articles on blogs which either says- HTML5 is best for SEO or HTML5 is Worst for SEO. They are completely wrong. HTML5 comes with new features and functionalities. Out of all, some affects the SEO while others doesn’t affect it so you can’t say that it has only positive or negative SEO effect. Below given HTML5 Tags and elements affects SEO so please have a look on them:

1. Page Segmentation feature or HTML5

All Search Engine companies are using smarter methods these days. They keep changing their sorting and indexing alogrithms on regular basis. However, they always use Page Segmentation for better indexing. If you are unaware of the term “Page Segmentation”, it is just another name of the process where a single page is divided into many segments or sections. For example- One HTML page can be broken down into a header,footer,article etc. Almost all search engines uses the same method i.e Page Segmentation. HTML5 comes with new tags like article,footer,header,image etc which tells search engines about a particular section of an HTML Page and thus improves SEO.

2. Importance of New <article> tag of HTML5

HTML5 has introduced a new “<article>” tag which acts as a container for writing contents. It is considered one of the best tag for bloggers. SEO experts advise bloggers to enclose their main contents inside this so called “<article>” tag because Search Engines gives more priority to contents written inside “<article>” tag. It also reduces the need of using “<div>” elements.

3. Importance of <header> tag of HTML5

New “<header>” tag of HTML5 is a blessing for SEO experts because it automatically tells Search Engine that, a particular content is a header. As you all know, Search engines always give preferences to H1, H2 and H3. The “<header>” tag of HTML5 is something like “H1” tag of HTML4 but it also allows you to add more than one headers under “<header>” tag. In other words, you can use header tags from H1-H7 in “<header>” tag.

4.Importance of <section> tag of HTML5

One of the newly introduced tags of HTML5 is “<section>” tag. It is one of the most useful tag of HTML5 for SEO Experts because it allows you to add different sections to your Article. Using this tag, you can give more importance to a particular section of your Article. There is no limitation of its usage which means, you can use more than one “<section>” tags for an article. Google or any other search engine bots pays more attention to small sections rather than larger sections. For this reason, i always recommend users to use smaller sections.

5. <footer> tag of HTML5

<footer>” tag of HTML5 is quite similar to “<header>” tag and performs very similar functionality. However, it can’t be compared with “<header>” in terms of usefulness for Search Engine Bots because they give less importance to the contents, which are placed inside “<footer>” tag. It is useful because it informs search engine spiders about the footer contents of your website. 

You can use “<header>” and “<footer>” tag in all kinds of sections.

6. Importance of <nav> tag of HTML5

Before the introduction of HTML5, web designers were using <div> elements along with “ID” and “Class” attribute of CSS. However, after the introduction of HTML5, we can use “<nav>” element for specifying the Navigation Menu. You can use “<nav>” element for placing a collection of links.

7. Importance of <!DOCTYPE> element

<!DOCTYPE> is a new element which is necessary for telling browsers that, you will use HTML5 elements in your HTML file. It is a small piece of code which is necessary but doesn’t affect the SEO of your website.


From the Editor’s Desk
So many other HTML5 tags such as <audio>,<video>,<dialogue> etc but they are less important for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. HTML5 is still in development phase so search engines will pay more attension to it in future. At this point of time, so it would be really difficult to tell whether, it is good or bad for SEO. Almost all browsers supports HTML5 elements so you can use it without any issue.
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