Improve Search Engine Visibility by Optimizing Images on Your Blog

Optimizing Images on your Blog ::Two years Ago when I started Blogging, i was totally unaware about the Search Engine Optimization of Images and I am sure that many bloggers still don’t know about it. Actually Images can drive a lot of traffic to your website or blog, when used properly. Today, I will show you, how you can Optimize Images on Your blog to get better ranking in search engines. So check the whole post.

SEO Image Optimization Trick by geteverything.org

SEO Image Optimization Trick

Does Search Engines Recognize the Contents of Images?

Most of Us think that blogging is very easy today and One can’t think about blogging without using Images in their blog. Images makes a Post Attractive which helps you to attract traffic. What will you say when anyone ask you -“Does Search Engines Recognize the Contents of Images?“. The Answer is “No. Search Engine can’t recognize the content of picture(If you are not Using Alt text)“. So In order to make your Image’s content visible to Search Engines, you must use Alt Text. Now the next Question is What is this Alt Text? Just read the below given explanation.

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What is Alt Text for Images and How it Improves Search Engine visibility?

In earlier phase of my blogging career, I was simply unaware about Alt text but many search engine optimization checker sites suggested me to use Alt text in images so I searched and gathered knowledge about it and then learnt to implement it not only in Blogger but also in WordPress blogs as well.As written above, Search Engine Spider can’t see what’s written in your image or what’s the content of your images. In this way, it will Ignore your Images which makes your Images just useless but by using Alt Text, you can show the contents of your Images to Search engines. In other words, you can say that search engine recognizes the content of Images only through Alt Text. A Typical example of Alt text is shown below:

<img src=”dog.jpg” alt=”Dog is a Four footed pet animal” />

Here you can see that “dog.jpg” is the uploaded Image path and “Dog is a Four Footed Animal” is its description so Search Engine spider will index the same image and will show when anyone will search with keywords used in “Dog is a Four Footed Animal“.

How to Optimize Images in Blogger Blog for better SEO?

Blogger Provides you an Option to optimize your Uploaded images. Check the below given step to do the same as Everything is explained very clearly and is quite simple as well:

  • Upload a Picture in your Blogger’s Blog Post. It is just normal step and you can see the screenshot below:
Optimizing Images for Better SEO in Blogger

Optimizing Images for Better SEO in Blogger

  • After Successful Upload, simply click on that image and you will see many Options as shown below:
Adding Alt Text to Images in Blogger for Better SEO

Adding Alt Text to Images in Blogger for Better SEO

  • Now Click on “Properties” Option as shown in Above Picture. You will see a new screen where you will have to Add the Title of your Image and its Description i.e you will add Alt Text to your image. The screenshot of the same is shown below.


Optimize Images for Better SEO

Optimize Images for Better SEO

Now you have done Search Engine Optimization of your Image in Blogger. Simply Publish your Post and enjoy better ranking in Search Engines.


How to Optimize Images in WordPress Blog for Better SEO?

This is a lot more easier in WordPress and that’s the reason why most of the experts feels that WordPress is a better Blogging Platform than Blogger. As written above, Adding an Alt text to Image in WordPress is very simple. The whole tutorial is given below:

  • First of all Upload an Image to your Blog Post. You will see the following Screen.
How to Upload Pictures in WordPress Blog Post

Uploading Pictures in WordPress Blogs

  • After Selecting the Option to Insert Image on your Blog Post, you will see the following screen where you will have to Add Alt Text, which will be used by the Search Engines to index your Images in Search Engine results.
Image Optimization in WordPress for Better SEO

Image Optimization in WordPress for Better SEO

So now , you are done. Enjoy getting Good ranking in Search Engines.


How Google Shows your Images when anyone searches results which includes your Alt text

The Screenshot is shown below.

How Google Shows SEO Images in its results

How Google Shows SEO Images in its results


What are your Views about this Post?

It would be really nice to hear your comments here. The tutorial is only created for you so feel free to ask anything, In case you feel difficulty in implementing this trick.

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