How to increase Twitter Engagement by 324%?[Infographic]

As you all know, Social Networking Sites are helpful for getting better ranking in SERPs. These days, Majority of bloggers are showing more activeness on Google+ and Facebook. However, they are neglecting the importance of Twitter which has more than 200,000,000 visitors each month. It amazes me when I think about driving that much traffic from Twitter.

When twitter was launched, it was an easy task to drive traffic from there. All you had to do was sign up, Follow someone and post your tweets. People would click on your tweet and will land on your website or blog but things has changed since then. Now driving traffic from twitter is not that easy. That is probably the reason why, bloggers are not showing that much interest on twitter these days. I was trying to find a method which can increase Twitter Engagement so read many articles but none of them impressed me.

Finally, I came across an Infographic at Quciksprout which explains all methods which can be helpful in increasing engagement on twitter. It was the title “How to Increase Twitter Engagment by 324%” which grabbed my attension. It is quite helpful so I am sharing the same. I have already shared lots of Infographics but this is Special.

How to Increase Twitter Engagment by 324%?[Infographic]
How to increase Twitter Engagement by 324%

Image Credit – Quicksprout

From the Editor’s Desk
This is an excellent Infographic which explains everything clearly. I have already implemented all techniques which are listed in this infographic. I really liked it so shared it here. If it seems interesting to you, Share the same on your blog or Social Networks.
Let me know, What you think about this Infographic.


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    One of the best tips I learnt is to increase CTR of your link is to put the link in the middle, instead of at the end of the tweet. Sadly, I couldn’t find that tip from the infographic above.

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