Interview with Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner

According to me, Only two kinds of people are successful in this world. First category belongs to those, who are really Genius. They work hard and face lot of obstacles before getting the taste of success. However, they give lesson to others by sharing their good and bad experiences. Second category belongs to those people, who are not Genius but they are smart. They learn from old experiences of other Genius Personalities and never commits the same mistake in their life. In other words, You can say that they use their mind for further improvements.

As you all know, Everybody can’t be a Genius. However If they try,  They can be smart. I started Problogger’s Interview Series on this blog because my Motto was to learn from their personal experiences. If you are serious about Blogging, The experience of these Guys can be really helpful because they have already passed the Beginner’s level and now, they are on Top. Last time, I published the Interview of Faizan ALi who suggested that only 6 months are enough to become a Pro-Blogger which was quite Exciting. This time, I am publishing the interview with Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner, who is a Famous Blogger.

Interview with Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.com
Interview with syed balkhi of wpbeginner.com

(1) As a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself? Kindly include ‘Unknown Facts’ as much as you can.

I’m a serial online entrepreneur with marketing and development skills. I’m the founder of many popular sites including but not limited to WPBeginner, List25, SteadyStrength, OptinMonster, and more.

My work has been featured in sites like NYTimes, BusinessInsider, HuffingtonPost, Yahoo, and more.


(2) So many Blogging Platforms are there but you selected “WordPress”. Any specific reason?

WordPress is by far the easiest platform to use, and it offers a lot of flexibility with plugins and themes. That’s the reason why it powers almost 20% of all indexed websites on the internet.


(3) How Long Have You Been Working with WordPress? Tell us about your personal experience with this platform till now?

I have been using WordPress since 2006. Initially I used it for all of my sites, but then I started migrating all of my client’s static sites over to WordPress. This gave birth to WPBeginner in 2009.


(4) Could you provide little information about WPBeginner.com?

WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site. It was started out because I needed a good place to offer tutorials to my clients. I also saw that there was a huge need for this in the community at the time.


(5) Very few people know that you are pretty young. What’s the secret behind your huge success?

Age has nothing to do with success. It is how you carry yourself professionally, and how much you’re willing to help.


(6) According to you, What’s the best and worst features of WordPress?

The best feature in WordPress is the plugins. With the ability to add plugins, you can extend the functionality of your site to essentially whatever you like. I don’t have any worst features for WordPress.


(7) Lots of talk are going on the usage of CommentLuv Plugin. What do you think, is it useful or useless?

I can’t comment on the usefulness of the plugin, but I will say that I don’t use it on my site mainly because I never felt like that I needed it.


(8) How do you Monetize your Blog i.e WPBeginner.com?

Our primary monetization strategy is consulting. We offer consulting services to enterprise level clients. We also do some affiliate marketing and have ad revenue.


(9) Kindly provide us the List of plugins, you are using at WPBeginner along with reason for using them.

You can see the list of plugins we use here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/blueprint/


(10)What has running WPBeginner taught you?

Running WPBeginner has taught me a lot of lessons. But the most important lesson that I learnt is never underestimate the power of your words. I exchanged a few emails with one lady, and she actually ended up starting our own consulting firm after that because of my advice.

(12)Most of us know Syed Balkhi as a blogger who give lots of time on Internet. Tell our readers about your Offline Life?

In my offline life, I travel a lot, and I spend time with my wife and family.


(13) Are there any resources on the internet you use and would like to recommend the same for beginners and advanced WordPress users?

Google.com is the best resource for everyone.


(14) It’s a stupid question but still asking- You always publish reviews of latest wordPress plugins. Do they contact you or do you contact them. I mean, how do you find them first?

They contact me.


(15) Is there any difference between Syed Balkhi, who started WPBeginner few years ago and Syed Balkhi of present, who is a famous blogger?

Nope, still the same person except with a little bit more gray hair and tiny bit more smarts.


(16)Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

Learn to learn from other’s experience.


Have you learnt anything from this Interview? Was it interesting for you or not? If you have any other query, ask the same via comments.

Ravi Kumar

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