Killer tips to attract direct advertisers to your website

So many blogger leave blogging after failing to get the Approval of Adsense without knowing that they can make even more through direct advertisement.However you can only attract advertisers,if and only if you have good traffic.The source of income for Most of the probloggers are direct advertisement not the Google Adsense.In this post i will tell you some killer tips to attract direct advertiser to your site.

Killer tips to attract direct advertisers to your website

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Why you should use Direct Advertisement?
  • You decide your own rules and regulation for Posting Ads.
  • No commission involved.
  • Direct contact with Advertisers.
  • You set your own prices for different Ad spots.
  • Normal prices are between 20$-50$ per month for a site which has good traffic.
  • You set your own time period.Normally Ads appear on your site for the period of either month or year.
  • Much more….

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Killer Tips to  Attract Direct Advertiser to Your Website?
The tips are as follows:

1. Create an Advertise Here Page on your Website

Killer tips to attract direct advertisers to your website
Normally Direct Advertiser visit your “Advertise Here” Page for posting their Ads in your website so you must have a Professional Advertise Here Page.It should contain full information about the different Ad Spot present in your website alongwith your reputation on internet such as Your Google PageRank,Alexa Rank,Daily Pageviews,Pageviews in specific country etc.

2.Create an Advertise Here Banner on your Website

Normally,Advertisers should see your Adspot when they visit your website for the first time.Large Ads always attact advertisers so place a larger Advertise Here banner.Normally Blog owners place advertise here banner on the right sidebar.

3.Keep Low Prices in Begining

It is well known fact that most of the bloggers want to earn maximum money from his/her website so they demand more.If you are demanding $100-$200 in begining then you will hardly find any advertisers.Instead of this,keep your prices low and reasonable.Always keep your prices monthly rather than yearly.It will help you as well as your advertisers.

4.Create an Advertise Here page at is undoubtedly the best solution for any website owner or blogger who is getting good traffic.It brings quality advertisers to your site.So many probloggers are using it for selling their Ads.Before applying to it,make sure that you have enough traffic to attact advertisers.If you don’t have enough visitors then you won’t be able to get the publisher approval.To know more about Making Money through,read our previous Post.

5.Provide 24 x 7 Support

Don’t take any chances.If you are not able to provide support then it means that you are scaring your advertisers.Insecurity always does the damage so provide a 24 x 7 support to them either through your email or through any chat software like skype.I guess it is not a hard task.

6.Your website must have Professional Look

Most of the web master doesn’t give much emphasis on this point but it is quite important as well.If your website has ugly look then it will not attract much advertisers.I am not saying that your website should have too much stylish effect but it should have professional look.
From the Editor’s Desk
I have already provided the Killer tips to attract direct advertisers to your website.Just follow them,you will definitely attract advertisers on your site.If you are not getting any advertisers then it means that either your niche doesn’t suit them or you don’t have enough traffic.
If you have any other suggestion then feel free to share with us.You can give your suggestion through comments.
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