Monetize your Blog with Oneinstaller.com- A Pay Per Install System

It would be difficult for a new blogger to believe but i receive more than 100 Emails of new bloggers daily. Actually, the frequency was around 50-70 till last week but it has increased this week. I don’t know the reason but, it can be due to my suggestion which helps new users. Out of 100 EMails i receive, around 80 Emails contains Questions like – “How to make money online?” ,” What should i do to make money online?”, “I have a new blog. Can i make money online?”,”I have a blog where i provide software. Can i earn money through this blog?” etc

How to monetize a software download blog or website

The frequency of this kind of questions shows that, new bloggers only starts blogging to Make Money Online. If this is also your motto, you won’t get success in blogging. However, i always try my level best to find new Advertising Network for Bloggers. While surfing internet few weeks ago, i came to know about an Advertising Network which uses Pay Per Install System which means, they will pay you, if someone downloads software through the ads and Links present on your website or blog. Actually, they promote Sofwares like VLC Media Player, 7Zip, uTorrent, jDownloader, Adobe Reader, aTunesPro, Euro Traductor, Flash Player, SopCast and Azureus Installer which are most popular among computer Users. This is probably the reason why, i decided to try this network. To be very frank, this network is best suited for Blogs or Website, which provides Software Downloads.

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Brief Information about OneInstaller Advertising Network

As i mentioned earlier, OneInstaller.com is a Pay Per Install network which pays you, when someone downloads software from your blog. If you are the owner of any website or blog which offers suitable downloads to your users then you can make good amount of money by adding a linkout to relevant apps. However, you can’t promote junk applications. The applications provided by OneInstaller.com are completely safe and Quite Popular among users as well so it increases your chance of earning more through your download Software website or blog.
How to get Started with OneInstaller Advertising Network?
  • First of all visit – OneInstaller Advertising Network and click on “Register” button which appears under the “Publisher” field. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Monetize your Blog with Oneinstaller.com- A Pay Per Install System

  • Now fill the simple form to apply as a Publisher of OneInstaller. The screenshot of the registration form is given below:

Earn Money for Promoting Softwares


  • OneInstaller Team will manually review your website and Approve/Disapprove on the basis of their terms and conditions. You will get a Notfication EMail, once they approve your website or blog.
  • After that, they will ask you to sign a Contract with them which includes their Terms of Service. You will have to accept it.
  • Once done, they will provide you an Username and Password. Using that, you would be able to login into your account.

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How to Monetize your Blog with Oneinstaller Advertising Network?

Using your UserName and Password, sign into your Publisher Account at Oneinstaller Advertising Network. In your account, you would be able to find the software download links and banners. Choose the software, which suits your blog or website. Once done, simply Embed their Ad code on your blog or website. The integration is quite simple so i don’t think, anyone can face any kind of problem. After the insertion of Ad code, your blog/website will start displaying the Ads of different popular softwares like VLC Media Player, 7Zip, uTorrent, jDownloader, Adobe Reader, aTunesPro, Euro Traductor, Flash Player, SopCast. If any user downloads any software using those links or Banner Ads, you will make money. Actually, they keep track on each downloads and validate the earning only after getting the confirmation of installation. You can check the earning details in below given image.
Earn Money through OneInstaller.com
Other Details related to OneInstaller.com
The other details are as follows:

1. Payout Rates

They Pay you $1 for every downloads, which takes place in USA. Their rates are good for downloads in other countries as well but i haven’t calculated this data so won’t be able to give you correct details.

If your blog or Website has good traffic then you can really make a decent amount of money through this advertising network.


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2. Payment Method

OneInstaller Advertising network fails in this field because they only Pay you through PayPal. It means, if you don’t have paypal account, you can’t withdraw your earnings. However, they will add some more Payments methods very soon.

3.Payment Threshold

I am not impressed with their Payment Threshold because it is a bit higher for new bloggers. The payment threshold at OneInstaller Advertising network is $200 which means, you can’t withdraw your earnings until and unless your earning reaches the mark of $200. As i mentioned earlier, it seems higher but if your blog has good traffic, i don’t think it would be difficult for your to earn $200. What do you say?


From the Editor’s Desk
If you are the owner of any Blog or website which offers free software downloads then you must try OneInstaller Advertising Network for Monetizing your Blog at least once. I am recommending Software download blogs/websites but it doesn’t mean that, the above mentioned network is limited to those blogs or websites only.
If your blog contains topics related to Technology and devices, you can still Monetize your blog with OneInstaller Advertising Program. Just give it a try and provide your valuable feedback via comments. It would be interesting to know your experience.
Ravi Kumar

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