Never start your blog on Niche like Blogging and Earning Money online otherwise you will earn Less

Are you a blogger? If yes then i have a question for you-“Why you started Blogging?”.Are you passionate about it or you just want to make money online?.Do you know,why i asked these questions? It is probably because around 92% of bloggers start their blogging carrier just for earning money online.If you are also among then you will fail because blogging is not a cup of tea.It needs a lot of effort and patience.

Never start your blog on Niche like Blogging and Earning Money online otherwise you will earn Less

Now a days,more than 75% of new blogger starts their blog on niche like Blogging,Earning Money Online and Web Designing.They do so because they think that these kind of blogs earn more than any blogs on other niche.They either copy or re-write contents of some Top Blogs in this niche.Now a days,users want to see something extra and fresh contents so most of these new blogs fails within one year.

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Why you should Never start your blog on Niche like Blogging and Earning Money online?
If your primary motto of starting a blog is earning money then never start your blog on Niche like Blogging,web designing and Earning Money online otherwise you will earn Less.I have some points to prove it.Have a look on these points.

#1- So many such blogs are already there

I always advise new bloggers to focus on New topics rather than one which is already present or out-dated.Blogs on Topics like Blogging,Web designing and Earning Money Online are already present in large numbers on internet.It will face a tough competition with a number of blogs which means chances of getting better result are very less.

However,if you think that you have talent and you can provide fresh and unique content then go for it.You will definitely get better results.

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#2-Low adsense earning

Getting an Adsense Approval is not impossible these days.I have seen so many new bloggers who has got the approval of adsense within few months just by rewriting the articles of Pro-Bloggers.However they fail to earn more through Adsense Ads.It is probably because the visitors which prefers to visit blogs of niche blogging,earning money online,web designing are educated readers.They read your contents where you provide tips on earning money online through Ads.It alternatively means that your readers know the meaning of Ads so they never click on Ads.You will get more pageviews but not clicks which will decrease your CPC.

You can’t earn more through Adsense without getting clicks on Ads.If you are a blogger then answer my question-“How often do you click on ads present on blogs or websites?”.

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#3-Having a good Page Rank is Necessary

Above point shows,how you earn low in Blogs of niche blogging,web designing,earning money online.However,you can still make money from Adsense but it requires large visitors and High PageRank.Let me clear this fact.If you have good PageRank(Something like PR4+) then high paying Ads will be displayed on your Blog and you will earn more.

If your blog has large number of visitors then you can be an Adsence Premium Publisher.These kind of publishers gets some incredible features and more support from Google.

#4- selling ad spaces is only the best method of earning

If you want to make large income from your blog then selling Ad Spaces on your blog is the best method.For that,you can use which is considered best for this purpose but it needs more than 50.000 pageviews per month.It is not too much tough but still needs fresh contents.

If your blog is full of copied content then no one will buy Ad spots on your blog and you wouldn’t be able to make money.Google also hate these kind of blogs so they remove them by running different algorithms regularly.

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What are the Other Alternatives then?
Instead of starting your blog on niche like Blogging,earning money online,Web designing, try to choose topics which are visited by students or less educated group.I am saying this only for bloggers who want to make money through Ads.However,If you have some fresh and new topic then go for it.You will definitely get better results.
From the Editor’s Desk
Don’t get inspired from just few pro-bloggers who are making huge income.However if you are really talented and can write fresh and unique content,is passionate and have patience then go for it otherwise blogging on these topics is not a cup of tea for you.You can’t earn millions just by rewriting the contents of other bloggers.
So, what are your views about this post titled “Never start your blog on Niche like Blogging and Earning Money online otherwise you will earn Less”?.If you think that,i have written something wrong then give me your advise through comments.
Ravi Kumar

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