How to send Emails from custom Email address using your Gmail Account?

Professional Email Addresses like admin@geteverything.org, manager@geteverything add special value to your Emails. If you are a Professional Blogger, Web developer or the admin of any website, I will highly recommend you to use custom Email Address. When you purchase any Hosting Account, you get cPanel which allows you to create your own custom Email Address like xyz@yourdomain.com with ease.  However, there is a big disadvantage of such Email accounts as well. You can only check you Inbox through cPanel which is definitely a tough task for a non-tech guy.

To solve their problem, I have decided to write this Post. In this Post, I will explain you the way, using which you would be able to Send and Receive such Emails through your GMail Account. Don’t get surprised! it’s really possible.  See the below given tutorial:

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How to send Emails from custom Email address using your Gmail Account?
I have divided the whole steps in three parts. The first part demonstrates the procedure required for creating a custom Email account. The second part shows the method of enabling Forwarder to GMail account  in cPanel while the Final part shows the configuration steps in GMail.

1. Create Custom Emails 

  • First of all, Log into your cPanel Account.
  • In cPanel dashboard, Click on “Email Accounts” Option under Mail Section.

Email Accounts option in cPanel

  • Now, You will see another screen where you can add custom Email Address. For this demo, I have created a custom Email Account named “manager@geteverything.org“. Add a Password for your Email Account. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Custom EMail in cPanel

  • Normally, we set the “Mailbox Quota” as Unlimited so do that in your case as well. Once done, click on “Create Account” button.

2.  Enable Forwarder to GMail

  • Log in into the cPanel and click on “Forwarders” Option in Dashboard. You will find this option under “Mail” section. The screenshot is shown below:

forwarder in cPanel

  • After clicking on “Forwarders” option, you will be redirected to a new screen. In this screen, click on “Add Forwarder” button. The screenshot is shown below:

email forwarder

  • Now enter your Custom Email Address and Destination Email. Here my custom Email address is “manager@geteverything.org” and Destination is “ravik1214@gmail.com“. Replace these fields with your own custom Email id and your GMail Email address. Once done, click on “Add Forwarder” button.

email forwarder to GMail

  • After clicking on “Add Forwarder” button, you will be redirected to a confirmation screen. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Email forwarding in cPanel


3. Add custom Email in your GMail Account

  • Log into your GMail Account.
  • Click on “Settings” icon. You will find this icon at upper right hand corner. The screenshot is shown below:

Settings in GMail

  • After clicking on “Settings” icon. You will see some options. Click on “Settings” option. Below given screenshot shows the same:

add custom email address in GMail


  • After clicking on “Settings” option, You will see a new screen. Click on “Account” option as shown in below given screenshot:

Adding custom EMail accounts in GMail


  • The screen which appears after clicking on “Accounts” link is most important because it allows you to add custom EMail address with your GMail account. In this screen, click on “Add Another EMail Address you Own“.  Make sure that you have selected the option which shows “Reply from the same address to which the message was sent“. It will help you after completing the setup.

Custom Email with Gmail


  • After clicking on “Add Another EMail Address you Own” link, a new window will open. In this window, set your Name and enter your custom Email Address. In this demo, my Name is “Ravi Kumar” and Custom Email Address is “manager@geteverything.org“. Make sure that the option “Treat as an alias” is unchecked as shown in below given figure. Once done, click on “Next Step” button.

Adding custom EMail with GMail


  • In next step, you can either choose the option to send Email through GMail or through your own SMTP server. I will recommend you to choose the first option. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Send custom Email through GMail


  • Once done, Click on “Next Step” button. In order to use your custom EMail address with GMail, you will have to confirm that the custom Email account entered by you is actually owned by you. To do this, click on “Send Verification” button.

Gmail and custom emails


  • As a result, Google will send a confirmation code to your custom EMail address. I have already enabled the redirection so that confirmation code will be received in your own GMail account. Just copy the confirmation code and paste the same to confirm.

Confirmation code for Gmail and custom EMail


  • Lets see how this EMail containing confirmation code appeared in my Inbox:

Custom email Confirmation code


  • That’s it. You are all set to send Emails using your custom Email address from your GMail Account. For example- Now, I can send Emails as manager@geteverything.org .
How to start sending Emails using your Custom Email Address?
  • Log into your GMail Account.
  • If you have completed all  above mentioned steps, simply click on Compose Button. Normally this button appears just above your Inbox.
  • In Email Compose box, you will see the options to send your EMails as your custom EMail Address. For demonstration, You can see the below given image:

Compose in GMail

  • That’s the end of this tutorial. Use all steps and start receiving and sending all Emails in your own GMail account.

Test this and share your valuable comments. If you are getting any kind of errors or finding any kind of difficulty, ask it through comments or directly by contacting me through Contact us page.

Ravi Kumar

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