Seo Tip:Fully Utilize your Page Rank to improve your Organic traffic

Improve your Organic traffic::Open any Blog on internet and check their layout. In most of the cases you will see that people use a template which includes a Post title having link,”Read More” button which also contains a link and its thumbnail which also redirects you to the content of that post which means it is also a kind of image link. It is general layout which looks very nice as well but do you know, you are wasting your Google Page rank while  using that kind of template or layout. Now you will ask How? It is an interesting question. Now let’s see the answer but before that, check an example of those kind of layouts.

Optimize your blog by removing Links from your Homepage

Optimize your blog by removing Links from your Homepage

How Multiple Links in your Homepage can Prove Harmful for You?

Let’s see how search engine gives value to your Blog Post on the basis of Google Page Rank. Actually it focuses on the Homepage of your blog and divides the rank among links.It means, if you have a Page rank of 5 and your Homepage has 20 links then search engine will divide the value by dividing 5/20 means 0.25. It means it will give a value of only 0.25 to the main Post titles of your blog as well which can be negative for your blog and obviously organic traffic.If you don’t know,what organic traffic really means then it would be important for you to know that organic traffic means the traffic which comes through Search Engines.You can improve your organic traffic by wisely using links on your Homepage.

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How do I find those Links and What should I do to remove those Links?

Have a look on the above figure. You will find at least 4 links in a single post which means 6 posts in homepage will return 24 links which will completely waste your Google Page Rank.

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To Optimize your Blog Post for search engines, always prefer to use only single link in the form of Post Titles. If you have 6 posts in your homepage with only one link per post and also have a Page rank of 5 then search engines will give value based upon 5/6 i.e 0.8 which is very near to 1 so it means it will prove much more SEO friendly and will generate more organic traffic. so Use this Tips and improve your organic traffic and enjoy.

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This is a simple Search Engine Optimization Tips which is inspired from labnol, which is the best blog of india. I have tried to clear your query but if you are finding it difficult to understand then kindly leave your message by commenting below. I will feel happy to help you.

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