Start Blogging on topics like competitive exams and Jobs in India and Earn More through Adsense

Selection of topics are always important for the success of any blog.Most of the new blogger find it tough to decide their niche.Now a days,ever blogger start blogging on topics like Make money online,Blogging Tips,Online Marketing etc.If you are also doing the same then your blogging future is obviously in danger.Being an indian,I have analyzed the likes of Audiances in india.They also like blogs which comprises topic like Competitive Exams,Job Notification,Online Quiz etc and they earn more through Adsense than some blogs which are popular in india and write on blogging,earning money online etc.Here i am not saying anything for the blogs which are popular in other parts of the world as well like USA,UK,Canada,Australia etc

Start Blogging on topics like competitive exams and Jobs in India and Earn More through Adsense

Why a Blog on Blogging Niche earn Less through Adsense in India?
Don’t get shocked.I am not saying anything wrong.If you are writing on Blogging,Making money online,Online Marketing etc and your blog is not popular in countries like USA,UK,Canada,Australia etc then you will definitely earn less through Adsense.Just getting an Approved Adsense Account is not enough.Have a look on some popular blogs on this niche who are making big money.Either they are popular in other parts of the world or using affiliate Ads for their income.A blog on blogging Niche earn Less through Adsense due to following reasons:

#1- Low adsense CPC rate in india

It is quite unfortunate but CPC(Cost Per Click) rate in india is very low.Normally it is below 0.1$.However this is not the case with other countries like USA,UK,Canada,Australia etc so they earn more.The CPC rate in india is low because india has very less investors on internet.People are yet to learn more about internet marketing.

#2- Very Few visitor click on Adsense ads

Before starting your blog on topics like blogging,Making money online,Internet marketing etc,have a look on the number of competitors in this field.A huge number of competitors are there in this field which makes it quite difficult for a new blogger to get success in this field.Only choose these topics if you think that you have something new for your readers.Most of the blogs on blogging write almost same thing.

Now lets come to the point.The visitors who visit your blog are the people who are either a blogger himself or planning to start their blog so they know about Adsense Ads.That’s probably the reason why they doesn’t click on your Ads.
Why you should Start Blogging on topics like competitive exams and Jobs in India?
I always appreciate the one who go for something new.The field of blogging is old now.It is extremely difficult for a new blogger to achieve success in this field.Please don’t take otherwise.If you really have knowledge and talent then you will definitely get success.I was saying this for those bloggers who just start blogging to earn money and either copy the articles of famous bloggers or rewrite the same in their own words.For being a successful bloggers,you must have deep knowledge about your topics.The reasons why you should Start Blogging on topics like competitive exams and Jobs in India are as follows:
  • They are Less in Numbers- Try to search for Blogs who write on topics like Competitive exams,Jobs,Online Quizes,Question paper patterns etc.I am sure that you won’t find many which means you can take your chances.
  • Getting Popular is Much Easier– India is a country where people are still gaining knowledge about Internet.I have seen that students in india always want to save money so they have started using internet.Internet is the place where they get their study materials for free and thus saves money.You can take advantage of this by starting a blog on such topics.Start writing on Examination Topics like-Model Question Papers on different subjects,Previous year question Papers,Practice sets etc.If you can do that,you will definitely get more popularity and that too in very short span of time.
  • Earn More through Adsense- The Adsense CPC rate in india is undoubtedly very low but the Ads on these blogs creates confusion among naive users who always click on such Ads.Specially Text Ads are the one which gets more click.More click means more income.I have noticed this on my sister blog which is about Banking Exams.The reason why these kind of blogs get more click is the unfamiliarity of visitors with such Ads.As i told you earlier,Most of the visitors of these blogs are students who wants to get Job in public sector.When they see Ads like “SBI Recuritment for 3600 clerk” or “Infosys invites application for freshers”,they click on it and thus you will get money.
  • More Direct Visitors- Direct visitors are the one who visit your blog just by typing your Url.Most of the blog on india which write on Competitive Exams,Question Patterns,Sample Question Papers,Practice Papers etc get more direct visitors who spend more time on these blogs.It is good for the admin of such blogs because it maximize the chances of getting more click on your Adsense Ads.
  • Getting an Adsense Account is Lot More easier- Now a days,it is extremely difficult to get the approval of adsense specially in Asian Countries.Believe me,you can get an approved adsense account easily with blogs(Education,Competitive Exams,Job Notifications etc) provided that your contents are original and you applied after 6 months.
  • You Get More Facebook Likes and Google+ Followers– I don’t know the actual reason but i have noticed that these kind of blogs gets more facebook Likes and Google+ Followers than the blogs which writes on Blogging,SEO,Making money online etc.
  • Earn Money through Affiliate Ads– Affiliate Ads are the best way to make guaranteed money through your blogs.If your blog is popular then you will definitely get Affiliate Ads.Just Place it on your blog and earn more.


From the Editor’s Desk
I don’t know about other countries but the use of internet is increasing day by day and indian students are giving more times on internet for better preparation for exams so it would be nice idea to Start Blogging on topics like competitive exams and Jobs in India .I have already explained the reason for my suggestions.Just give it a try and post your comment.
If you think that i have written anything wrong then give your suggestion through comments.
Ravi Kumar

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