Top 10 must know seo tips for new bloggers

Search Engine Optimization is an important part which decides the future of any blog or website. Many bloggers and content writters complains that they failed to get a better exposure even after writing unique contents.The reason can be probably the bad SEO. Blog posts act as a fuel for blogs whereas SEO acts as engine so without seo, your blog posts will go into vein.Today, I am providing some must know SEO tips for new bloggers. New bloggers should know these tactics so as to get better results/exposure to search engines.



1. Use Informative and Eye catching Post Titles and Meta Description
Post Titles are the most important part of SEO. Web surfer looks for your Post Title first so try to make it Informative and Eye catching.It should not be too long because Google only shows a Post title of length upto 66 characters only. You should try to choose a title according to your contents. Never try to make it eye catching just for viewers. It should be unique so that search engines can show your blog post on their first page when someone tries to find something related to your blog post or titles.
Meta Description are also an important part because it appears below your post titles when someone share your blog post in their social network. So try to make it short and informative so as to make it interesting for readers. It doesn’t affect search engine results but still plays a major role in Popularizing your blog.
2.  Contents are the real King
If you want to remain on Top in search results then you will have to spent some time on your contents because contents are the real king.Sometimes even a copy-pasting(a blog which steals content from other blogs) blog get good temporary exposure in search results but after an update like Panda or Penguin, they vanishes from the search result so it is always important to write quality contents.Have a close look on your contents and check for the following parts:
  • Is your Content Original and Unique?
  • Do you use Images and Videos for better explanation of your Points?
  • Is your Post descriptive and Informative for viewers?
  • Is your post worth sharing?
  • Are you Good in English when writing your posts?
  • Whether your Post attracts new readers or users?
If your answer is “Yes” then there is no need to worry. You will definitely get better results.
3 . Use Heading Tags Appropriately
Heading Tags are represented by H1,H2,H3… etc, out of which H1 is considered best for search engines but multiple use of H1 is not recommended. If you will use H1 tag more than once, Google will consider it as an effort of Over Seo and will penalize you. So You should only use H1 tag once in your blog post. To give further heading and Subheading, use H2 or H3 tags.
4. Submit a Sitemap of your Blog to all Major Search Engines
A sitemap file contains all links related to your blog so it is most important for SEO as well. If you want the search engines to index your blog then simply create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to all major search engines. Lots of sitemap generator tools are present on internet so simply use any of them for the same. I will suggest you to add a Sitemap page to your blog.
5. Optimize Images to get Better results
Images are an important part of blogs. It not only makes your post attractive but can help you to get more visitor as well. I have already provided a tutorial for Optimizing Images to get better results in search results.
6. Make your Blog Load Faster
To get success in blogging, your blog must load faster because readers will stop taking interest in your blog, if its load time is high. It also has negative impact on search engine. Actually they use their bot to index your pages but now internet has many blogs so it will not waste its time for your slow loading blog. I have already provided 10 Killer tips to reduce your blog load time
7.  Update your Blog Regularly
Every one loves fresh contents. Search engine will definitely neglect your blog, if stopped showing any activeness in your blog. Websites which are providing some kind of services can update after long period but a blogger should update his/her blog contents on daily basis. If you can’t manage to add many then add just one daily. It will tell the search engine that you are still active. Additionally it also improves your alexa rank.
8. Make better use of Keywords
All kinds of searches are based upon some keywords. Normally Users also enters keywords in Google search instead of whole sentence.So wise use of keywords can help you to get better exposure in search results. Before writing your contents search for most popular keywords. To do this use Google Adword keyword tool. Try to maximize the use of keywords in your post contents but don’t over use them because it comes under over seo which can give you poor result as well.So use it wisely.
9 . Never Purchase Backlinks
Purchasing of Backlinks are not recommended because they provide automated backlinks and use the same anchor text all the time and search engine never likes auto-bots so it can be harmful for your blog.
Use anchor text properly. Instead of using text like “Click here to download” or something like that, use some other text which looks impressive.
 To get quality backlink, check the following posts :
10.  Try to bind the new visitors
It is always important to bind new visitors. Some possible reasons why new visitors leave your blog in their first visit are as follows:
  • Difficult Navigation.
  • Slow loading 
  • Poor Look
  • Use of excessive Pop-up Ads
  • Useless contents
  • Broken Links

You can add links to your older post to bind a new visitor to your blog.
Have a look on your blog and check whether your blog is also experiencing these kind of issues? If yes then try to sort out these things and enjoy..
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