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Top 10 Premium WordPress like Blogger Templates for Free

I have already provided lots of Premium Templates completely for free. Use of Custom Templates is necessary for bloggers because the original template provided by Blogger is too much simple and basic. Last week, I received lots of request,  Where users requested me to provide Premium WordPress Like Blogger Templates for Free. Today, I am fulfilling their request..

Top 10 Premium WordPress like Blogger Templates for Free

You can also check our old collection of Premium BLogger Templates by visiting the below given links:

Top 10 Premium WordPress like Blogger Templates for Free 
The list of Top 10 Premium WordPress like Blogger Templates  are as follows:

#1-Fresh life Blogger Template

Fresh Life Blogger Templates for Free

#2-Daily V2.0 Blogger Template

Daily v2.0 Blogger Template for Free

#3-GalleryGlow Blogger Template

GalleryGlow Blogger Template for free

#4-Santro blogger templates

Santro Blogger Template for blogger

#5-BlackLight Blogger Template

#6-Mash 2 blogger template


#7-Eleven 40 Blogger template

eleven 40 blogger template

#8-Western Blogger Template

Top 10 Free Premium Blogger templates of the year 2013

#9-drop cloud Blogger template

Drop Cloud Blogger Template for Free

#10-Pro grey blogger template

1 Top 10 Free Premium Blogger Templates of the year 2013

From the Editor’s Desk
According to me,the above given templates are Top 10 Premium WordPress like Blogger Templates which are completely free as well . Now, You can use the above templates to make your blogger blog like a professional WordPress Blog.These are really great templates and are free as well so just try them and make your blog Professional.No one likes a blog which takes a lot of time in loading and these templates are fast loading as well so enjoy.
If you are finding it difficult to download or see the demo of any blogger templates then report me via comments.I will fix that issue.
Genesis Framework for WordPress

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  1. Umesh Tarsariya

    awesome collection of templates .. great ravi keep updating us….

    • Thanks for your appreciation Umesh. The appreciation of our visitor is the only thing which motivate us. I will keep posting helpful stuffs umesh. Keep visiting.

  2. Sentro blogger template is looking nice..I prefer this

  3. we like Mash 2 and Western Blogger template they look like wordpress template and have awesome designing. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

    • Nice to see you here Hafeez. These templates are opted from wordPress themes and are really best. Keep visiting us

  4. thank you very much

  5. These themes are awesome.. I would like to use sentro one… but i need a theme that have both left and right sidebar..

    • So many three column themes are there. I will publish a post which will contain a list of best three footer wordPress themes

  6. hello … pls help me yar after apply … theese theme …
    its working fine
    BUt if i will edit the credit link … and add my name ..
    the page will redirect to official site ..
    whats the solve ……

    • These themes are free but removal of credit link is illegal. However, if you want to remove those link, you will have to edit the credit part via css file of the theme.

  7. hello…pls help how to remove css file … any tutorial …pls

    • Frome where do you want to remove the css files? BLogger, wordPress or any other website? Kindly mention it so that, i can help you.

  8. From Blogger.com help me …

  9. i Am waiting For your Answer …

  10. Thanks bro.. its working …
    love the blog …

  11. Can this procedure effect .. SEO??

  12. I was looking for a template such as this. I know it cannot be replicated “exactly as it is” but can there be something “remotely” bearing resemblance to it ?

    I’d prefer the nice solid colored band at the top and “nothing else”. i know its asking for lot, but I’d be glad to know if I can find something like that on your site

    Btw, you’re doing an excellent job. No, seriously that is a great list collection digged out of the web

  13. Nice themes buddy. Gonna try them for my blog.

  14. Hi Ravi , i want to make my blog posts in a grid view after searching internet lot and changing my template ,
    i couldn’t get it done , can you please help me my mail id is (the.beast.master.007@ g mail) ,

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