Top 10 Websites for Learning Web Design without paying Money

These Days, Most of the People invests a large amount of money on Web design to attract visitors to their websites. That’s probably the reason why, Quality Web Designers are making a decent amount of money. However Web Design is not that easy because it contains so many fields like CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Flash etc which keep changing with time. Due to this reason, a Web designer must keep himself/herself updated with new technologies.
New bloggers don’t know much about Web Design but they want to learn it. However, they don’t know, where to start? If you are also facing the same condition, this Post is totally for you. In this Post, I will provide you the list of Top 10 Websites for Learning Web Design without Paying Money i.e for Free.


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According to me, W3schools.com is best for beginners because it provides you a Try-it Editor where, you can experiment with codes as well without installing any software like Dreamweaver in your computer. It has tutorial of various markup languages like HTML,XML,HTML5 . For styling, it provides you the tutorial of CSS and CSS3. You can also learn Server Site Scripting languages like Asp.net,PHP etc


Web designing websites
I Place HTML.net in 2nd position in my list because it provides easy to learn interface. I liked the way of explanation because it gives a proper explanation of every single and smaller parts of web design. As you can see in the above figure, You can learn HTML,HTML5, CSS,PHP,ASP and Javascript so give it a try.

3.Web Developers Note

Web design websites
Web Developers Notes is another awesome website for the beginners which explain everything very clearly. However, you must read each and every content with proper dedication. Without giving proper time, you won’t be able to learn anything properly.


Web Design Tutorials
Tuts Plus provides free Courses of different technologies like JQuery, Photoshop CS6, HTML,CSS. The best thing about this website is its user friendly tutorials. It claims that, its tutorials are enough to learn Web Design within 30 days which is quite impressive as well.



Web Design Learning Websites
Echo Echo is very much like W3Schools and contains tutorials for many elements of Web Designing. However, I use it for learning the Javascript. Along with Tutorials, it also allows you to check your designing ability and knowledge by providing quiz. Apart from this, you can also use its Online Tools for using Drop Down Menu, Pop up Window, Floating Layer etc.


Web design TutorialThe look of the website is very much like any Magazine which can be confusing for naive internet users but it contains a lot of Web Design Tutorials which are easy to understand and implement as well. You can check awesome tutorials on css,Javascript,HTML,Jquery,Photoshop,Css3 and much more.


Web Design Tutorial
Quackit.com is another awesome website which is a major competitor of W3schools.com. According to this website, they starts the course right from the basics and moves slowly so that everyone can understand everything clearly. Most of the time, i use this website to teach beginners HTML and CSS. However, they also provides tutorials on other scripting languages. Although, I haven’t checked the scripting tutorials of this website yet.

8.HTML Dog

HTML Dog mainly provides the Tutorial on HTML and CSS. The best thing about the tutorials of this website is their focus on main points. They always focus on best practices which makes the task of newcomers easier. However, it lacks the Try-Editor functionality which means, Users can’t test the output of their own code in the same place.

9.Code Academy

Code Academy
CodeAcademy has divided every sections into Exercises which makes the topic interesting. This website provides tutorial on HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs. However, this website can be confusing for new users. When i visited this website for the first time, i was unable to find the tutorials. Thanks to the categories which were placed in the footer section of the website.

10.Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is basically a blog which provides tutorials on many subjects including HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. However, its tutorials are a bit advanced so new HTML users may find it difficult to understand. However, if you are an Intermediate developer, it can be really helpful for you because it provides tutorials on really impressive designs and developments.


From the Editor’s Desk

That’s it from my side. If you want to become a Web Designer or facing any difficulty while designing your websites/blogs/forums, don’t waste your money on purchasing books. Use the above provided Websites for Learning Web Design. They are completely free which is a bonus as well.
Use these websites and let me know, whether they helped you or not by leaving your comments below. It would be important to note that , it is only your comments which inspires me to write so don’t keep yourself silent.
Ravi Kumar

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