Top Reasons why some Bloggers hate Google Adsense

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best way of making money online through your blog or website.Most of the bloggers and webmasters will agree with me.However so many blogger are also there who just hate Google Adsense.Yes..you it is right.In this post,i will explain some of the important reasons for that.

Top Reasons why some Bloggers hate Google Adsense

Top Reasons why some Bloggers hate Google Adsense
The reasons are listed below:

1-Very Hard to get the Approval

Most of the bloggers want to start making money right from the first day so they apply for the Adsense account.However Google Adsense is very strict in terms and condition and doesn’t Approve any site easily.Its policies are even much harder for the Asian countries.Google is getting strict day by day in their terms and conditions.

So many bloggers are there who claims that they applied for Adsense after 6 month or 1 year but Google Adsense disapproved their application without providing any solid reasons.However my experience is a bit different.I have got the approval of Adsense for my 1 year old blog without any issue.Check whether   it is difficult to get an Approved adsense account in india or not


2-Adsense ban approved account without providing any reason

Adsense has too many rules and regulation.If you have got an approved account then it doesn’t mean that they will never ban it.Just search on google.You will see so many search result where users has claimed that Google adsense banned their account without giving any solid reasons.

It is quite common.Once banned,it would be very difficult for you to get your account activated again.

3-Poor Email reply service

Google Adsense provides you the facility to contact them through E-Mail but they respond very late.In other words,they take more than even a week to reply,which comes under poor service

4-Very low cpc in asian countries

If you belongs to US or any western europian country then you can earn a huge amount of money from Adsense due to high CPC like-2 to 5$ or even more.However if you live in Asian countries then just forget about making huge amount of money because the CPC of adsense is very low there.Normally the CPC in asian countries lies between $0.03-$0.08.In order to get more from Adsense,you must have good amount of traffic.


5-Adsense verification pin issue

After the approval of Adsense account and earning at least $10,Adsense send a 4-digit confidential PIN to your mailing address.It is a kind of pain for publishers because it takes more than even 40 days or even more than that(specially in Asian Countries).

6-No support for online payment transfer

Adsense only send Payments via Cheque which take more than 4 weeks or even more than a month which is poor.They don’t have Online Payment system yet.Hopefully they will introduce it soon.However the method of cheque can’t be considered good.They send cheques through Blue dart courier service.

7- Very few online tutorial and guide

Google Adsense is the biggest Ad network so they must provide a large number of tutorials and Guide for its users but unfortunately very few materials are there.So many blogs are there who write about adsense but they are not official so it really becomes hard to believe on their contents.


8-Bloggers hardly click on Adsense ads

It is not a solid reason to hate Google Adsense but if you are a blogger and your niche is blogging then there is hardly any chance that other bloggers,who will visit your site will click on Google Adsense Ads because they already know enough about the Adsense.

What are Your Opinion?
In my post titled “Top Reasons why some Bloggers hate Google Adsense”, i have  discussed all the common reasons why some bloggers hate google adsense program.If you think that,i have missed something then please suggest me.It would be a real pleasure for me to include that point in this post.
If you don’t agree with any of my points then show it in your comments.We will discuss it together.
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