What is the mode of Google Adsense Payment in india?

What is the mode of Google Adsense Payment in india?

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best monetization technique for bloggers.So many bloggers are making huge money through this program.However it is quite confusing for new usiers.Google has already made its dashboard very simple,also provided help pages but still there are so many questions like How to Get google adsense Approval,What is the mode of Google adsense Payment,Why google adsense ban some accounts and many more.It is true that adsense is a plug and play advertising network but believe me,after knowing everything about it,you would be earning a lot more rather than just some pennies.In this post,i will show you how Google adsense pays in India means What is the mode of Google adsense Payment in India.

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What is the mode of Google Adsense payment in india?
Adsense has different payment modes for different countries.For example,they pay through EFT(Electron Fund Transfer),Direct cheque,Western Union Quick Cash.However in India,Adsense pay through Direct cheque.Actually in a country like India and Pakistan,getting an Adsense account is not that easy as it is in countries like U.S,Britain,Australia etc.This is because a number of spam and fake accounts.
So In india,Google Adsense only pay through cheques.Alternatively we can say that the mode of adsense paymet in india is through cheques.They convert your earning from Dollar to INR before making the payment.Their conversion rate is high so users never face any issue with that.However Google Adsense cheques reach after 10 to 15 days which is a long period.It takes another few days for clearence so you will get your amount after 20 days.So many users doesn’t like this policy of Google Adsense.Adsense team is trying to improve its payment options in india.They will start the EFT payment option very soon.
Important Recommendations for New Adsense Users
If you are new to Google Adsense then you must follow the below given tips:
  • Make sure that your contacts details(Name,Address) are accurate during sign up process because cheques will be sent to the same address.You can also change your contact details after getting an Adsense Approval.
  • Your Name on Adsense account should match with your bank account name because cheques will be issued to same Name.
  • Google Adsense sends a PIN number to your address before sending its cheques.It works as an address verification method.They are planning to add telephonic support for their publishers but the service is in beta testing state.
  • To know more about Adsense Policies,you can visit the Official Guide.You can also read the official excerpts from Google Adsense

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How  Google Adsense sends their cheques to its publisher in India?
Google Adsense sends cheques to its indian publisher via local courier service Blue Dart without any additional  or hidden charges.Cheques mailed through Blue Dart courier reaches within 10 to 30 days of cheque date.If you are an Adsense publisher and living in any interior area of india where bluedart courier service is not available then they will send your chques via Registered Post.It generally takes 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.If Adsense has already send your cheques then you can keep an eye on your cheque through bluedart tracking system.To track your cheque,visit Bluedart Tracking Page and enter your waybill  or Reference number in the space provided.The screenshot of the same is shown below:
What is the mode of Google Adsense Payment in india?
You can get your waybill number for Adsense issued cheques, Log into your Adsense account and click on Payment page.Check the details of last issued Adsense Payment.You will have to note down the Payment number part.Generally you get Payment Number in format like “078695414”.Simply remove “0” from that number i.e “78695414”.This is your Reference number.You can use this number for tracking your cheque.If you haven’t got your cheque even after 60 days then you can fill check not received form.As a result,Adsense will reissue a cheque for you.
From the Editor’s Desk
It was an answer of Question asked by Prateek Goswamy “Hello sir.I am new to adsense and want to know the mode of its payment in India.Can i get an adsense payment directly in bank?” .I hope that the above information is sufficient to solve your query.However,if you still have any query then you can ask me through comments.
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