Why You were hit by Google Algorithm Updates?

Google Alogorithm updates:: Recently many websites and Blogs were hit by Google’s Algorithm updates in the form of Google Panda and Penguin. They have already effected millions of websites and blogs and are still working to do the same. Many website and blog owners are not looking happy with this as they think that Google has done injustice to them. The most common Question which arise is that – “Why Google has removed my site or Blog from its search results?” .Today I am dealing with this and will show you why it happened.

Why Google uses its Algorithm Updates like  – Panda and Penguin?

There are tons of websites and blogs in Internet world but more than 30% of them either useless or contains copied contents of other websites/blogs and forums. Google is the best and most popular web browser in the world and things goes totally wrong when a Spam site or site/blog/forum having copied contents appears in the front page of Google. It not only hurt the real content writters but also the Quality of Search results of Google. Google Introduced Panda update couple of years ago whose aim was to get rid of low Quality websites and bring the Quality websites to the top of Search results i.e SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). It was a major change or update and many bloggers were benefited while many lost their traffic.

Google's New  Algorithm 2012

Google’s New Algorithm 2012

Now Google has released Penguin which has reaised the Quality bar further. Now it expects much more from you. Only thing which can give you better ranking in Google is Quality content and basic level Search Engine Optimization.

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What Kind of Websites and Blogs are Hit by Google Algorithm Updates?

There is a lot of talks on the topic-” What kind of websites/blogs/forum are hit by Google?”. Today, I will discuss this topic. The aim of Google behind Panda and Penguin update was not only to Promote Quality but also to Discourage Spam. The websites/blogs/forums which are mainly hit by are of following kinds:

  • Low or Poor quality Websites – Most of us don’t even know the definition of Poor or Low Quality. Simply writing a Good English doesn’t mean that you are providing Quality. It also includes factors like Interlinking, Original Contents, Adequate Quantity etc.
  • Websites with Duplicate or Copied Contents – Duplicate or Copied Contents effects the Quality of Search results and also hurts the Original Content writers so Google removes these sites/blogs/forums from their listing. If you don’t want to be hit by Google Search Engine Algorithm updates then don’t copy anything from anywhere.
  • Slow Loading Websites- Most of the webmasters and bloggers neglect this fact but Google also removes this kind of websites/blogs/forums from their listing. It is a general Question- Why any one will visit your site, if it takes an hour to open?. So try to improve the load time of your website/blog/forum , if you think that it takes too much time to load.
  • Excessive Use of Advertisements- Websites/forum/blog owners tries to earn maximum from their Website/Blog/forum so they place tons of Advertisement. It is quite annoying for the visitors and Google knows this fact. If you are using excess Advertisement in your Website/Blog/forum then you have the maximum chance of penalty from Google.
  • Websites which uses Black-Hat Seo technique – So many websites are there on Internet which uses black-hat Search Engine Optimization tricks to get better ranking in Google even when they lack Quality content. If you are unable to understand what this statement actually means then let’s see an example- Suppose that there is a website called runnerup.com(just an example). When you open this website, you only see a simple sentence with a word “runnerup”. It means that the website has no content but still it appears on the fron page of Google which is totally useless. It happens due to Black-hat SEO technique. It gives you better result for shorter period of time so I will suggest you not to use this trick for getting better ranking.
  • Websites/Blogs/Forums with Poor SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is necessary, if you want to see your Website/Blog/Forum in the search result of Google. Merely writing good contents is not enough. There are millions of example where users complain that Google ignores their site even when they are writing Quality and Original content.
It was my simple effort to inform you about the Google’s Search engine Algorithm updates so that you can avoid yourself from the penalty of Google Panda and Penguin Updates. In this post, I tried to introduce about Google algorithm updates and will deal the whole topic in my upcoming Posts.Hope it helps.
Feel free to ask anything, if any Query persists in your mind.
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