Why you should Avoid Purchasing Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense is one of the best Program of Google which helps Website and Blog Owners(Publishers) a lot. Millions of people are earning a huge income from Google Adsense Account. Every website or blog owner wants to see Google Adsense Ads in their own website or Blog but getting a new Adsense Account is not that easy task. Now a days Many people or services  claims that they sells Genuine Adsense Account but Are these Accounts really Genuine? Is there any problem in Buying Adsense Account from others? These are some sort of problem which most of the user want to know. Today I am answering all queries of this kind.


Avoid Purchasing Google Adsense Account

Avoid Purchasing Google Adsense Account

List of Websites which Sells Google Adsense Account

Are these website fake or Really Provides an Adsense Account?

These websites are not fake and they provides you and Adsense Account as well but it will not last long. They sells Adsense Account after charging some amount from you which ranges from 10$-30$ . Google reject or deactivate most of such account once, it finds that you are using a Purchased account.


Why You should Avoid Purchasing Google Adsense Account?

  • Purchased Account is Disabled within 15 days – Most of the sites provides you an Adsense Account after charging some amount from you. You would be able to place Adsense Ads in your blog/website as well without any issue and your Adsense Account will show some income as well but Normally Google Adsense disables these kinds of Account within 15 days after you Place Adsense Account on your site/blog. In most of the cases,it has been found that they disable these Account within 7 days.
  • Earned Income will Go in Vein – If you have purchased an Adsense Account and have also placed Adsense Ads in your website/ blog having some traffic, you will definitely Earn some money in dollars  as well but Google will disable you account and thus you will loose all your money.
  • Google will definitely disable your Account once you touched 99$ mark– I have tested it and thus writing.Google is not a fool.They disable such account once you touch 99$ mark. They use you as well by Providing their Ads temporarily and you think that you are getting some income from their Ads.
  • Such sites can also make you Fool sometimes – They demand Money in advance so If they failed, you won’t be able to do anything. so be careful. However adsenseg.com provides you an adsense account but google disables these account within few weeks.
  • Google can Ban your Permanent Address for Life Time – SItes which sells Adsense Account asks your details before applying for Adsense Account. If you have also provided the same then there is a chance that Google can ban your address for life time which means you won’t be able to get a new Adsense account with same Address.
  • Sites can Misuse your Private Information or Data – You provide your correct information details to the sites which claims that they provide Genuine Adsense Account without knowing what they actually do with your Contact Details. They can misuse your details as well.


What is the Conclusion of Overall Discussion?

After checking everything, I will suggest you not to Purchase any Adsense Account from anywhere. Instead of doing this, you should write Quality Contents for your website and blogs. You will definitely get good traffic . After that Apply for Adsense Account .Make sure that your Website is 6 months old and has plenty of Quality contents before Applying. It is totally free and you will definitely get the Approval of Adsense. Also make sure that your blog/website doesn’t contains Copyright Materials,Hacking-Cracking contents,Adult contents,Selling or Aprreciating Violence.

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I tried to clear your concept in simple words but if any query still persists in your mind then feel free to ask here. I will feel happy to answer your queries.

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