5 Free Tools for Beginning an SEO Initiative

5 Free SEO Tools for Beginning an SEO Initiative

5 Free SEO Tools for Beginning an SEO Initiative

The main aim of carrying out all SERP tracking activities is to make your website appear among the top organic search results. However, achieving this objective is very complicated. You must do many technical activities that fall under the umbrella of SEO techniques. The good news is that there are many tools that you can use for the purpose. The tools have been specially made to help you improve the ranking of your website. But there are many such tools on the market. For you to get the right one, you need to choose carefully. Here are five of the best free tools that you can use for an SEO initiative as a beginner.

1. SEMrush


SEMrush is one of the best tools that you can use for your SEO initiative as a beginner. One of the things that make this tool effective is that it provides great insights into the kind of keywords that other websites are using. In other words, you can use SEMrush for your advanced keyword research. It is important to note that keyword research is one of the basic building blocks of any SEO campaign. When you get the right keywords, you can quickly develop content that matches the needs of your audience.

The fact that SEMrush has specific features that help you to analyze the keywords that your competitors are using means that the tool is ideal for beginners. You do not have to be a guru of SEO for you to use this tool. If you understand its dashboard, then you can use it to get multiple keyword suggestions for building a potent content strategy.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another crucial free tool that you can use in your SEO campaign. For you to use the tool, you must connect your website to Google. You will then get access to the dashboard of Google Analytics. The panel contains technical details about the performance of your site. Some of the details that you can get on the panel include the rate at which people are interacting with your content and the kind of traffic that you get. You can also use the tool to analyze how every page of your website is performing. Once you get these details, you can make the required changes to address problems and take advantage of what works well on your site.

3. SEOquake

Seo Quake

If you are a beginner in SEO practice, you need a tool that you can use very quickly and get outstanding results. SEOquake is an exceptional example of such a tool. Three things make it an excellent companion. First, it automatically carries out a necessary SEO audit of your web pages. Although the audit is not as rigorous as what other advanced tools usually do, it may still serve the purpose of a beginner. The tool examines some fundamental components of web pages and offers insightful reports about the performance of the site.

Second, this tool effectively evaluates the links that you have on your site. Links are very critical for the success of a page. If your site lacks good backlinks, then it may not perform very well. SEOquake helps you to get the best links for your site because it first analyses their suitability.

Third, this tool is ideal for beginners because it transfers all the technical data to a destination of your choice. You can then use the data later to analyze your site and carry out significant changes.

4. HubSpot Marketing Grader

HubSpot Marketing Grader can help you to analyze your site comprehensively and come up with the right opportunities to optimize the pages. The tool functions by assessing various issues on your site. For example, you can use it to determine the extent to which your site is ready for viewing on mobile devices. Given that mobile browsing has been growing in importance over the past years, it follows that you need to keep your web mobile-friendly.

Moreover, the HubSpot Website Grader provides detailed information about the security status of your site. You can use the site to measure how secure your site is by referring to various security certificates such as SSL. You can then install the recommended security measures that can help to keep your site safe. Although security measures do not fall under the domain of SEO, they are essential for the practice because they determine the overall experience that your audience has when they visit your site.

5. Found’s SEO Audit Tool


Found’s SEO Audit Tool offers you a full package of necessary SEO capabilities. For example, you can use the site to analyze technical issues on your site such as easy it is for the search spiders to crawl it. Also, you can use this tool to analyze the content that you post on your site. Moreover, the tool gives you suggestions on how you can address the problematic issues on your site.

In conclusion, you can choose from this list of free SEO tools to start off your SEO campaign. Primarily, these tools are essential because they can help you troubleshoot fundamental SEO problems on your site. You can then use the tools to implement specific changes on your site.

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