Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot

Normally,most of the bloggers want to earn money through the help of Google Adsense because it pay more.However Getting an Adsense account is not that easy,specially for a blog which is still new.It is really frustrating for new bloggers.In this case they need some alternatives of Adsense.If you already have an Adsense account then also you should test other Ad network for maximizing your profit.In this article,i will provide information about Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot.

Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot

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Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot
The list is given below:


It is a new Ad publishing and Advertising network.The best part of this network is,it accepts any kind of website without checking its traffic.It means,if you have a blog or website then you can become its member without any issue.I have checked its status but failed to find even a single publisher who has been banned.They have a Paid Tweet program where you get paid to tweet an Advert.If you are a new blogger and your blog doesn’t have much traffic then you must try it.


It is an Ad Publishing network which is owned by Yahoo,Bing and Microsoft.It is a real competitor of Google Adsense.Their Payout is $250 and they pay via Paypal and cheque.However you won’t get its approval,if your blog/website doesn’t have good traffic from countries like USA,UK,Canada.It is its major limitation.Except this,it has excellenet email support facilities which lacks in Google Adsense.

3- Chitika

Chitika is another great publisher network for new bloggers.I also love it because its minimum Payout is $10 via Paypal whereas $50 via cheque.Now it has introduced text link Ads which will increase your earning.However chitika lacks image ads.It means you can’t display Image Ads through chitika.


Infolink is another great alternative of Adsense.It makes the work of new blogger quite easy by providing a simple code for placing in their website.Once they place that code on their blog,the keyword will be highlighted.You will earn money,if someone click on those links.Its minimum Payout is $50.It has two option for payment i.e Paypal or Via Pioneer Mastercard.I have used this network and was happy as well.Only issue,due to which i am not using it on my blog is payment transfer.I was not happy with the time delay i.e the amount of time,it takes to transfer the funds to your account.In my case,it was taking around 3 months.


In last few years,Buysellads has emerged as the major alternative of Google adsense.It brings advertiser to your site who purchases the Ad spot on your blog.Her you decide the rates for different places on your blog/website.However the only limit which appears is the huge number of pageviews(i.e 50,000 per month).If you are not getting that much traffic then they will disapprove your application.

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Some more Adsense Alternatives
The other alternatives are as follows:

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From the editor
In the above article,i have provided you Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot.Apart from 5,i have also added some other network as well.
Just use them and check how it works on your blog.Was this post titled “Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives which really gives you a lot” helpful for you?Are you making money from your blog without Adsense?Please reply
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