Best High Paying CPM Advertising Network for Bloggers to Make Money Online

Best High Paying CPM Advertising Network for Bloggers

When i started blogging, i thought Google Adsense will do a magic for me and I will earn a huge amount of money. However, i failed to make decent amount of money via Google Adsense because this blog comprise audience,who are mostly bloggers or Webmasters which makes it quite difficult for me to make money via CTR or Adsense or any other CPC advertising Network. The reason for that is probably their knowledge about these kind of Ads. They know everything so hardly click on these Ads. They only do when any specific Ad strongly attracts them. I was trying to find another way to make money via Ads and came across CPM advertising Networks so did a research on them and finally made a list of High Paying CPM Network for Bloggers. In this post, I will share the same.

What are CPM Ads?

CPM stands for Cost Per Impression and are considered one of the best way to earn money online via Ads. It is totally different from PPC Ads which stands for Pay Per Click. Google Adsense or other PPC,Cost Per Sale,Cost Per Action Ads only Pay you when someone click on their Ads.
CPM Ads doesn’t require any clicks.When you sign up for any CPM advertising network and put its code on your Blog or website, Ads appear on your blog/website and you earn on the bais of Impression only. By default, it calculate earning on the basis of cost per thousand impression. It means, you will be paid once your blog/website displays the Ads atleast 1000 times. There is no need to worry about the clicks or anything else.
CPM rates can be either fixed or variable depending upon the advertiser, value of your website, your country. If your website has good traffic, you can really make a decent amount of money.


Example– Suppose that, you get 30,000 visitors daily on your blog which makes 60,000 page views. Your CPM rate is $2 then you will make 60,000/1000=60 CPM X 2 =$120 per day which is a good daily income(i guess). Isn’t it?


1. Tribal Fusion

According to me, TribalFusion is the best CPM Advertising Network for Bloggers because its CPM rates are extremely high. However, it only accept sites/blogs which has high amount of traffic. If you are going to apply for TribalFusion,you blog/website must have at least 500000 impression per month. If your blog is new then i will advise you not to apply for TribalFusion. Once you Apply for this Advertising Network, your website/blog will be manually reviewed by them. They will either Approve or Disapprove your Account and you will be informed via Mail. 

Payment Mode – Paypal or Cheque

Minimum Payout– $50


Advertising is a part of AOL and thus provide a decent CPM rate as well. The main reason for choosing this Advertising Network is the Relevency of Ads. It means, your blog/website will get high relevant Ads instead of useless Ads. However, they only approvide sites/blogs having huge amount of visitors.

Payment Mode – Check

Minimum Payout – $25



Most of the blogger doesn’t write anything about eDomz.com but i found it quite useful and impressive. Its CPM rate is $4 which is really impressive. Approval or Disapproval of any account doesn’t depend upon the number of visitors but they review your blog/website manually just like TribalFusion.

Payment Mode – Paypal Allowed

Minimum Payout – $5

4.Burst Media

Burst Media is another high Paying CPM Advertising Network for bloggers. However they only accept sites which contains quality contents and minimum 5,000 unique visitors per month and 25,000 pageviews per month. They share 70% of their revenue with publishers.

Payment Mode –  Check, PayPal or Electronic Fund transfer

Minimum Payout– $50



Gunggo Advertising Network is mainly known for its Pop-up Ads. It also gives a hig CPM rate. It is good for Low traffic website/blogs as well. It provides you a vast advertising reach due to their relationship with various Agencies, Direct Advertisers, DSPs and Ad Exchanges. A blogger can really make a decent income by using this network.

Payment Mode – Check, PayPal,  Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout -$ 50

6.Casale Media

Casale Media is also a good CPM Advertising Network which pays you a lot. They share 70% of their Ad revenue with Publishers. However, the main disadvantage which has been noticed by me is, you can’t get its approval until and unless your blog/website doesn’t have huge traffic like TribalFusion. It means, this CPM Advertising Network is not for New Bloggers.

Payment Mode – Check and Paypal

Minimum Payout– Not Mentioned Anywhere

7. Technorati Media

Technorati Media has got 8th rank in the list of Social Media Advertising Network in the world. Due to this, they also offer high CPM rates. However, site approval is not that easy and it depends upon various factors like Amount of visitors, Pageviews, Alexa Ranking, Google PageRank and Blog Content.

Payment Mode – Check and Paypal

Minimum Payout – $50


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