How to Find Copyright Free Images for your Website?

If you are a blogger, you can’t underestimate the importance of images/pictures because it always grabs the attention of visitors and can be helpful in conveying messages without using words.  If you are a new blogger, it would be strange for you to know that you can’t use any image which is available on Internet.  So many new bloggers are still unaware of this fact and thus using images which are not free.  It would be important for you to know that you can’t use those images without the permission of creator even after giving “Credit “.

You can only use Royality Free or Copyright Free Images  in your blog.  People normally don’t care these things while blogging because they hardly get any copyright violation notice but it doesn’t mean that they are doing everything right. They don’t get such notification because they are not popular. Have a look at any popular blog. You won’t find any such images or Pictures. What does it mean?

Best sites for finding Copyright free Images for your Blog and Website?

As I informed you earlier, you can only use Royality Free Images in your blog and websites. I have made a collection of best websites which can be used for finding royality free images for your blog and website. All sites are listed below:

1. Creative Common Search

Creative Common Search

Creative Common search is the best place for finding Free images for your website or blog. It returns the result after searching across many websites and search engines. However, you should read the Creative common Licenses because in many cases, owner asks you to link back to the source material. – Visit Creative Common Search

 Photo Pin is another great platform for finding Royality Free Images for your website and blogs. This site uses Flickr API while searching for photographs. Most of the images/photos requires that you add a link back to their author.

When you perform the search operation there, you will find that it returns third party images which redirects you to a third party site. To download the original images, just scroll down the page and click on Preview. If doesn’t redirect you anywhere , its the original Pic so download it.

3. sxc.hu

stock xchng

 Sxc.hu has got third rank in this list. It’s due to large number of photos which are properly categorized. This site allows you to search images/photos using categories as well. I have checked many images and found that almost all images are of high quality. For getting an unique image, try to search for a specific niche.

4. Openclipart.org

openclipart images

 If you are looking for Royality Free Clipart Images, visit openclipart.org.  This site has a large collection of clipart images. Downloading is very simple. Just click on any image. It will redirect you to another page which will show you the larger view of that image with its download link in different dimensions.

5. Free Digital Photos

freedigital photos


Freedigitalphotos.net is another great website for finding Free images for your blog and website. This website contains a large number of images. However all of them are not free. All images are categorized into different categories which can make your task much more easier. As you can see in the above picture, only small size image i.e or dimension 400 x 333 is free.

If you want to download the larger version of same image, you will have to pay.

6. Corbis Images

corbis Images

 Corbis Images is another website which contains a large number of images in its database. Like above mentioned website, it also allows you to download only certain images for free. If you want to download Royality free images, make sure that you have checked the option “Royality Free(RF)” option under Creative  category.

7. Public Domain Photos

public domain


Public-Domain-Photos is also a similar site and thus allows you to download images for free. However, there are limited number of images in their database. As you can see in the above Picture, they have only 500 Free stock Photos and 8000 Free cliparts. The site’s design is user friendly. You can either find images using categories or by searching.

8. Free Foto

free foto

 Free Foto has got 8th rank in our list. This site is equally good for downloading royality free images. However, it’s design is not that good. They should improve their design.

You can download free images just by searching or by looking in different categories. I have placed this site on 8th rank because i failed to get relevant images(70 out of 100 cases).

9. Morgue File

morgue file

 Morgue File contains Paid and free Images. If you want to download Royality free Images for your blog or website, make sure that you have selected “Free Photos”  option in the drop-down menu which appears on the right hand side of the site. The above image shows the same.

This site contains relatively less images so it would be difficult for you to find relevant images as well.

10. Other Similar Sites

 Till now, I have listed 9 sites which are best for downloading Royality free images. If you are looking for more similar sites, visit the below given sites:

  1. Wikimedia Commons
  2. Every Stock Photos
  3. pixabay.com/
  4. http://www.dreamstime.com/
  5. http://www.stockvault.net/
  6. http://www.shutterstock.com/
  7. http://www.rgbstock.com/
From the Editor’s Desk
If you want to make career as a blogger, never use images which are not free. Before using any image on your blog, check whether it’s royality free or not. Top bloggers are either using their own images or royality free images. As i mentioned earlier, most of the creator want a link back so don’t hesitate in giving credit to them.
The above listed websites are considered best for finding Royality free images so use them. If you know any other site which is best for downloading free images, please let me know. I will add it in my list. If you have any query, ask me through comments. It would be my pleasure to answer your questions.
Ravi Kumar

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