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What is Domain Authority and How to Improve It?

what is domain authority?

Few days ago, I received an Email from a visitor who asked me to provide information about “Domain Authority”. Frankly speaking, the term “Domain Authority” was totally new for me. I was familiar with Alexa and Google PageRank but never used “Domain Authority” so tried to get more information about it. These days, “Domain Authority” […]

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What is Facebook EdgeRank and Why it is Important?

facebook Edge Rank

We have already discussed a lot about the Algorithms used by Google for showing relevant results in its SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Now, it’s the time to discuss about Facebook which is undoubtedly, the best social networking website in this world. You can’t show dynamic contents to users without following some algorithms. As far as […]

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Is HTML5 Good or Bad for SEO?

Is HTML5 Good for SEO?

At present, the most trendy topic for a web designers is HTML5. Almost all designers are recreating their templates with HTML5.  It has brought some changes in old HTML  tags. If you are an SEO expert or a Blogger, it is extremely important for you to know whether, HTML 5 is Good or Bad for […]

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How Google Ranks a website: 200 Factors Explained


Every Blogger or Webmaster want to see his/her website on Top specially in Google SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). For achieving this, they hire SEO Experts and thus invests a huge amount of money. SEO experts always face some kind of difficulties while optimizing any website or blogs for Google because Google never provide any kind […]

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