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How to keep a particular post always on top in wordpress?

Keep a particular post always on top in wordpress:: I always visit Problogger‘s blog and so many times,i noticed that they provide something like Giveway or launch a contest for their visitors.These kind of post always appears at the Top which looks like the latest post.For this,many blogger changes the date of publishing of Post which […]

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How to use disqus commenting system in wordPress?

Comments are always important for any blog because it associate you with your readers.It motivate you as well.This is probably the reason why most of the famous bloggers has enabled comments on their respective blogs.The default wordPress commenting system is better than the one which represent the blogger but still it lacks few facilities which […]

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How to Stylify the Headings in WordPress Blogs?

WordPress is undoubtedly the best Blogging Platform for professionals because every thing is very easy here.So many plugins are there to make your task much simpler.Blogger lacks same facilities.However customization in blogger is much more easier than wordPress.However you can also play with your blog’s look and feel by customizing stylesheet.css code in your self hosted […]

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How to customize the login screen of wordpress blog?

Normally,every wordPress login screen are same in terms of look.However if you are the owner of any wordpress blog,it would be better for you to add your logo in the Login-Screen.It will differentiate your blog from others.The method or procedure for customizing the look of your WordPress login form is not tough.As you already know,Wordpress […]

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