List of Cheap Email Marketing Services for Bloggers and webmasters

My last article “Why you are not making money from your blog?” got viral among new bloggers. As a result, I received lots of EMails from new bloggers, who requested me to review their blogs. Some of them thanked me for writing that article as well. They said- “It was an eye opener for them”.  After reviewing so many blogs, I found that they were committing a common mistake. Actually, They were not using any EMail Marketing Service. When I asked them the reason, They answered in confusing manners. Let’s see, some of their answers:

Answer 1

 Sir. I am already using Feedburner’s feed service which is quite similar to Email Marketing Services. It sends my newsletter to the subscriber. Why should i use the EMail Marketing Service then?

Answer 2

I don’t know much about EMail Marketing services but I think, It is useless for me because I am already using Feedburner


I can’t afford to buy an EMail Marketing Service because I don’t earn that much money. If you know about Cheap Email Marketing Services, Please let me know. Till now, I will use Feedburner“.


I am using an Optin subscription form on my blogger blog, where I have integrated Feedburner’s feed. I am impressed with it because I am getting subscribers as well. Is there any difference between EMail Marketing Services and the service of Feedburner?

After knowing their answers, I realized that they don’t even know the meaning of Email Marketing  so decided to write this post. Email Marketing is necessary for bloggers. Have a look on any blog, which is generating good income. You will find that, They are making use of Email Marketing Service which shows its importance. Blogging is not about writing contents on your blog, It’s about Helping others and sending your Message to your readers.

What is the Meaning of EMail Marketing?
According to the definition of WikiPedia,
Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either sold lists or current customer database
So you can use EMail Marketing for peforming various tasks like promoting your product, Selling a product, Building better relation with your subscribers, Sending Ads and much more.
What’s the difference between Feedburner’s service and Email Marketing Service?
Most of the new blogger thinks that, there is no difference between Feedburner’s feed service and Email Marketing service. They are totally wrong. The difference are listed below:
  1. By using EMail Marketing Services, You can send Custom EMails to your Subscribers. This facility is not available in Feedburner’s feed service. It sends a part of the same blog post to subscribers.
  2. Email Marketing Services allows you to send Emails anytime which means, It is not dependent upon the publishing date of your blog post. However, Same is not the case with Feedburner’s feed service. When you publish a new post on your blog, It sends the feed to the subscribers.
  3. Using Email Marketing Services, You can create auto-responder messages which is not possible with Feedburner’s service.
  4. Using Email Marketing Services, You can create auto-sender messages in advance which will be sent on any particular date without your involvement.  For example- If you are free today, You can create an EMail for wishing Christmas on 25th December. For this, Just schedule it to be sent on 25th Dec. It will automatically be sent on 25th december.
  5. By using Email Marketing Services, You can perform various tasks like advertising your product, Sell your product, Request business and much more. This is not possible with Feedburner’s service.
I can’t invest much. Is there any solution?
Bloggers who are new and can’t invest much money, Can still use Cheap Email Marketing Services . In this post, I will provide you the list of Cheap Email Marketing Services  which can be easily tried by all kind of bloggers.
If you haven’t used Email Marketing Services yet, Start using them right from today. I am pretty sure that, You will see its benefits.
List of Cheap Email Marketing Services for Bloggers, Webmasters and Online Marketers
The list of cheap email marketing services are listed below:

1. MailChimp

MailChimp Email Marketing service
MailChimp has got First position in this list because it is the cheapest EMail Marketing service, I have ever seen. If you have less than 2000 subscribers, You would be able to send up to 12,000 emails per month without paying even a single penny.  In addition to this, They provide awesome features like revenue and Email tracking system, Stylish Email Templates and Signup forms etc. Please note that, It is not a trial so it will not expire. Initially, they don’t ask you for your Credit Card so you are getting lots of benefits. Just start trying it for free.

2. Aweber

Aweber EMail Marketing service

Aweber has got the second Rank in my listing because it allows you to use their service after paying just $1. I am also using Aweber on this blog and I am really happy with it. It allows you to use Opt-In Subscription box as well which can increase the number of your subscribers. Additional facilities provided by Aweber are : Auto-responder messages, Broadcasts,Add/Manage subscribers, Large number of Signup Form templates, Large number of Email Newsletter tempaltes, Social sharing icons in newsletters, Email Parser,List automation and much more.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse EMail Marketing service

Before I started using Aweber, I was using GetResponse. It allows you to  create stunning newsletter and landing pages in minutes . It’s features includes Responsive Emails, Run A/B testing,Create Auto-responders,Email Creator, Landing Page Creator, Social sharing, Email intelligence, List booster, Form builder, Inbox preview and much more. They are giving you 30 days trial which means, You can try the Email Marketing Service of GetResponse for 30 day completely for free.

4. iContact

iContact EMail marketing Service

iContact is another service provider which is worth trying. It provides features like EMail Marketing, Social Media Marketing. The Email templates are designed according to professional business needs which can be really helpful for bloggers, Webmasters and Online marketers. If you are a newbie and don’t want to invest money, You can try them for Free.

5. BenchMarkEmail


BenchMarkEmail also provides excellent Email Marketing service which includes thousands of professionally designed Email Newsletter Templates, Email List Management, Email Campaigns, EMail Delievery Management, Email Tracking and Reporting, Online surveys and much more. Initially, You can try this service for Free.

Some more Cheap and best EMail Marketing Services

Some more Email Marketing services which are cheap are listed below. They are not used much but still useful:

From the Editor’s Desk
If you haven’t used Email Marketing Service yet, Start using it immediately. It will increase your Subscribers and also the chances of earning more. You would be able to promote your business or product as well.  However, One of the best feature of EMail marketing services is Auto-responder Messages and Scheduled Messages.
What are you thinking now. The above mentioned EMail Marketing Services are cheapest which can be easily used by new bloggers so start using them. Share your experience after using these EMail Marketing Services.
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