Collection of Best On Page SEO Optimization techniques of 2015 for New Bloggers

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is considered necessary for all kinds of Webistes and Blogs. SEO optimize your blog for search engines. As a result, Your site/blog gets better ranking in search engine result pages(SERPs).Normally we divide SEO in two parts: On Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Most of the people think that, Off-Page SEO means link building only which is not right. It also contains Promotional Methods as well. On Page SEO means Applying Optimization Techniques on the element of your pages. In this post, I will provide you the Collection of Best On Page SEO Optimization techniques of 2015. It is extremely helpful specially for new bloggers.

Collection of Best On Page SEO techniques of 2013 for New Bloggers

People often waste lots of money on SEO which shows its importance. Believe me, You can easily optimize your blog/website for search engines by following the below given On Page SEO techniques of 2013:

Collection of Best On Page SEO Optimization techniques of 2015 for New Bloggers
Lets have a look on below given On Page SEO Optimization Techniques:

#1- Use Relevant Title for your article

Use relevent title for your article

Whenever any Person or any search engine Bot visit your blog, It checks the title of your Post first so try to use a Relevant Title for your Post. A recent survey shows that, More than 65% people only checks a particular post, If its title attracts them. Always remember ” First impression is always the last impression”. Use the below given methods to write an attractive Title for your Post.

  • Don’t use Too complex Title. Make sure that, People can understand its meaning.
  • Use Targeted keywords in your Titles.
  • Always use titles, Which can be searched by a normal user.
  • If your vocabulary is good then You can also use Synonyms for better results.
  • Never use more than 60 words in your Title.

#2- Optimize your Blog Post Url

optimize your blog post url

Now a days, Blogger automatically Optimize your post URL or Permalink. However, If you are using any other blogging platform and your Blog Post Url(Permalink) appears something like –http://xyz.com/2013/post#6 then you will never get better result. You should Optimize your Permalink by including your targeted keywords in your url. For example -“http://geteverything.org/collection-of-best-on-page-seo-techniques-of-2013-for-new-bloggers” . The benefit of Optimizing URL are given below:

  • Better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Improved performance of your Blog/Website.
  • Organic traffic will increase.

#3- Use Targeted keyword in your article

Targeted keyword

Using Targeted Keyword in an Article is considered an important part of On Page SEO technique. However, Avoid using them too much in your article because excess use comes under negative SEO. Ideal keyword density, which should be used in an article is 2-5%.

Example– Consider that, Our targeted keyword is “Top Bloggers” then you should use it in your article in following manner.

Top Bloggers are really an inspiration for new bloggers in India because they share lots of helpful stuffs and their success stories. I also want to get placed among Top Bloggers.

#4- Optimize Post Meta Description

Optimize Blog Post Meta Description

Post description appears below the Blog Post Title in search engine results. It means that they are also important as well.To optimize your blog post for search engines,you must include targeted keyword in your post description.Use it multiple times for better results. Below given Image shows, How and where they appear in search results:

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#5- Use Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are also considered important because sometimes, They appear in search results as well. For maximum utilization of Meta Tags, Try to use only those keywords which are relevant to your contents. Many bloggers says that, Google no longer use Meta Tags but It is still helpful.

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#6- Make Proper use of Header tags

Header Tags

For Proper optimization of your blog post content, You must use Header tags for your heading because search engine always prefer H1 tag rather than H2. Many Seo Experts says that, H1 tag is king and H2 is Queen so use H2 or H3,H4 for sub-headings.If your template is not using it by default then prefer to do some modification in CSS codes.

#7-Optimize Images on Your Blog


Normally, New Bloggers don’t know anything about the optimization of images.However it is an imortant part of On Page SEO technique.It can be helpful when people search queries related to your blog on Google Image Search.You can optimize image on your Blog by using Alt Tag in HTML coding.I have already written a descriptive post which covers the whole procedure for optimizing images on your blog/website.

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#8- Highlight your Targeted Keywords

Most of the SEO experts suggest you to Highlight your targeted keywords because Google and other search engine bots easily recognize these keywords which increase your site’s performance in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). You can use Bold, Italic or even Underline techniques for grabbing the attention of your Readers.


#9- Update your Blog regularly

Users always want fresh contents. Same is the case with Search Engines as well so try to update your blog regularly. You must write at least 1-2 articles daily otherwise, Your site/Blog will loose ranking in search engine result pages.

#10- Proper Keyword Research is also necessary

Don’t write anything. Pro Bloggers always suggest you to use Best keyword in your article because it is really helpful for getting better ranking in search results and is considered an important part of On Page SEO techniques. Now a days, So many keyword research tools are available on internet for free.

If you are a WordPress user then, You should use SEO ProcessorIf you want to use free tool then, I will recommend you to go for Google Adword Tool.

#11- Ideal Post length

Most of the new bloggers don’t know about the importance of Post Length. It is always recommended to use 500-1000 words in your post because it is considered SEO friendly. Never write an article having less than 350 words.

#12- Use canonical url

Using a Canonical Url is really important these days. Let me clear your doubt about Canonical url first. It is just an url optimization technique which is used to remove the duplicacy.  Google Explain this as follows :

It’s common for a site to have several pages listing the same set of products. For example, one page might display products sorted in alphabetical order, while other pages display the same products listed by price or by rating. For example:


If Google knows that these pages have the same content, it will index only one version for your search results.

You can specify a canonical Page to search engines by adding <link> element with an attribute rel=”canonical” to the <head> section of the non-canonical version of the page.

#13- Write Fresh and unique contents

Everyone needs freshness and uniqueness. The taste of google is also same. If you don’t have knowledge then believe me, You can’t get better result in blogging. Never try to copy the contents and ideas of others.

If your article is not original then no any Search Engine Optimization technique is going to help you.


From the Editor’s Desk
I tried to help new Bloggers by providing the Collection of Best On Page SEO Optimization techniques of 2013. If you can work on all of the above mentioned points, You will definitely get better result in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). If you have any query  then ask the same via comments.
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