Complete Guide to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia?

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO because it decides your website’s rank in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). It means, if your website has a large number of do-follow backlinks from quality sites, it will be ranked higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Dofollow backlinks from a site like Wikipedia(which is 6th most popular website on internet) can boost your site’s ranking within few days. However, Wikipedia doesn’t give do-follow backlinks but you can still get no-follow backlinks which are also helpful. In my previous article “Are nofollow backlinks useful for Seo“, I have already discussed the importance of nofollow backlinks.

Getting Backlinks from Wikipedia will take time and thus requires patience. If you don’t have patience, this article is not for you.

Few years ago getting backlinks from Wikipedia was relatively easy. Editors were allowed to edit an entry and insert their backlinks. The rules were not so harsh as well. Nowadays the same task is considered tough. Before adding a backlink, you must ensure that your website contains relevant details and it has no ads on it or minimal ads on it. The design of your site also matters so your site must look very professional. Some more checks are also there. Meanwhile you can also check an article on How to build quality backlinks from Pinterest?

Backlinks from Wikipedia – Are they Helpful?

The backlinks offered by Wikipedia are of “Nofollow” nature and therefore they doesn’t pass any link juice to your website. However, they still have an impact on SEO because Wikipedia is one of the most popular website on internet. Any backlinks that are received from authority sites add SEO value to your website. Additionally, these Backlinks will help you to drive some traffic to your website as well. If you still have confusion regarding the importance of nofollow link, read “Are nofollow links good for Seo“.

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How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia?

  • First of all, you will have to Join Wikipedia as Editor. To do this open Wikipedia and click on “Create an Account” link.

How to get Backlinks from Wikipedia?


  • Fill the Registration form and create your new account.

Create a new account in Wikipedia


  • Next step is really important. Enter your keyword in the Search Box and hit enter button. Wikipedia will display the article.

Edit wikipedia article

  • Now take some time and do some research on your topic. Once done, Click on “Edit” link. You will be redirected to a text box. Just add more details and your link to that article. Make sure that the content of Wikipedia is maintained.

Link from Wikipedia


  • Do not edit content just for adding your link. The editing done by you should be accurate and relevant otherwise you and your content both will be removed from Wikipedia. Other Wiki Editors also check articles. If they suspect any useless editing they will report to Wikipedia.
  • You can give reference links while adding details as well.
  • Take your time while picking Wiki articles to Edit. Always choose the article which has some Scope of adding more details to it.
  • Instead of posting links right from the first day of joining Wikipedia, try to contribute for them and develop some trust.
  • Don’t Spam on Wikipedia. Please read their Posting Guidelines before adding your links or details.

Wiki Guidelines for Editors

Content that violates any copyrights will be deleted. Encyclopedic content must be verifiable. Work submitted to Wikipedia can be edited, used, and redistributed—by anyone—subject to certain terms and conditions.


Your Term Now

Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website on Internet. Thus a link on relevant Wikipedia page is worth a TON for your site’s SEO. Don’t bother about “nofollow” nature of backlinks. I have already tried it and it improves your ranking in SERPs. Your link on Wikipedia tells google that your site is also an authority site which provide relevant information on that particular topic. Believe me, Google listen this because Wikipedia itself is an authority site. What do you say?


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