How to Convert Commentluv Free Plugin into Commentluv Pro for Free?

Hello Guys. I have already provided lots of SEO related Tutorials in this blog. Now, it’s the time to share something really interesting. If you are reading this blog post, you are either an owner of any blog or have some blogging knowledge. If my prediction is right, you are already familiar with Commentluv Plugin because it is one of the most helpful plugin for bloggers. It brings visitor to your blog and inspires them to comment on your blog posts.

You already know that, this plugin has been developed by Andy Bailey. Two version of commentluv Plugin is available on internet. The first One is a Free version of Commentluv Plugin and the other one is paid version named Commentluv Pro. You can Purchas Commentluv Pro after paying $97. The cost is not so high but so many bloggers are there, who can’t afford to buy this plugin. This post is only for those blogger because i am going to show you, How you can convert Commentluv Free Plugin into Commentluv Pro without investing any kind of Money.

What is Inside Commentluv Pro Plugin?
Commentluv Pro Plugin comes with 8 built-in Plugins including below given 5 important plugins:

1. CommentLuv

Commenluv plugin for wordpress


Coomentluv allows commentors to add the links of their last 10 blog posts. It encourage them to comment on your blog. Comment luv Pro with added feature improves your traffic and give advanced backlink feature to every commentluv enabled blogs. People often invest money in order to get backlink. This plugin automatically does this for you.

2. GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) 

GASP Plugin for WordPress

As the name suggests, GASP or Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin saves you from Spammers or Machine bots which tries to post useless comments on your blog. According to me, it is the best Anti-Spam plugin after Akismet. I have already provided the tutorial for getting Akismet API key completely for free. New bloggers always find it difficult to block spammers. If you are also facing the same problem, you should use Akismet and GASP both.

3.Twitter Link Comments

Twitterlink Comment Plugin

As the above given figure shows, this plugin allows your commentators to use their twitter username while commenting. It adds an extra Twitter username field in the comment form and creates a follow-me link when their comments goes live on your site.

4. KeywordName

KeywordLov Plugin

This Plugin reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords. For example- if you have written “Ravi Kumar Blogging Tricks”, it will show your profile name as “Ravi Kumar from Blogging Tricks” while showing your comments on any site. if they’ve made a certain amount of comments or have registered to your site. Rewards your readers even more! I don’t know, whether it is helpful or not because i don’t like this plugin.


ReplyMe WordPress Plugin

It automatically sends an email to users, when they get a direct reply to their comments. It is quite helpful for bringing your visitors back to your site. Guest authors are automatically sent an email when someone makes a comment on one of their posts.

Comparison between Commentluv Pro and Commentluv Free Plugin[in terms of Appearence]
As i mentioned earlier, Commentluv Pro comes with many in-built plugins. It also ads lots of functionality to the wordpress comment box.  A comparison between Free and Paid version is given below in terms of Appearence.

CommentLuv Pro

CommentLuv Pro Plugin

As you can see in the above figure, it had added an extra “Twitter(@username)” field in the original wordpress comment form. In addition to this, it has added three more functionalities which has been already discussed. Here please have a look at the Logo of Commentluv as well because it has “+” mark. You won’t find the same Logo image in Commentluv Free Plugin.

CommentLuv Free Plugin

commentluv free plugin

As you can see in the above shown figure, Free commentluv Plugin only adds a Commenluv functionality to your wordPress comment form. Your commentators would be able to add their blog post’s link without any issue but you can’t block the spammers or send automatic email which were possible with Pro version. Twitter username field is also missing.

How to Convert Commentluv Free Plugin into Commentluv Pro for Free?

If you are thinking that i will ask you to participate in any kind of Giveaway or going to give any Key or something like that, You are absolutely wrong. I will provide you the method to convert your Free commentluv Version to Pro Version. You won’t get complete functionality of Commentluv Pro but would be able to use 85% of its functionality. Are you curious to know how? Lets see the below given steps:

Once done, your Comment form give you the feel of using commentluv Pro plugin. However, the last step is to change the Logo of CommentLuv Free Plugin to CommentLuv Pro Plugin. The figure of both of these plugin shown below:

Commentluv Logo

How to change the Logo Image of Free CommentLuv?

  1. Once Installed and Activated, Go to the Settings of CommentLuv Plugin.
  2. Select the Option to use “Custom Image Url” and use the image url as – http://www.geteverything.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/comluvp.png . Once done, save the settings and enjoy. If you are facing any Problem, place the below download the below given picture and upload it to your server.

CommentLuv Pro Image


Adding Twitter Url Field in the comment Form

Many user complains that, Twitter User field doesn’t appear in their comment form. To fix this issue, follow the below given steps:

  1. After installing and Activating the Twitlink Comments Plugin, Go to the Settings .
  2. In “ ” , choose “Alternate” Option in the “Form Type” . The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Adding twitter username field in wordpress comment form


Is there any Demo?
So many WordPress users are using the same technique to impress their visitors. If you are using paid products on your blog, visitor think that you are making huge amount of money so they will give more importance to your articles. Normal visitors or even bloggers can’t differentiate between Original Commetluv Pro plugin and Commentluv Plugin used via above provided method. For demo, see the comment form of this blog. I am using the same technique as well but not for fooling others but helping others..ha ha..
From the Editor’s Desk
I always want to help New Bloggers because they face a lot of problem in beginning. This is probably the reason why, most of the articles in this blog has been written for New bloggers.
If you are financially weak and can’t afford to Purchase the Original CommentLuv Pro plugin, use the above provided method. However, if you have enough money, always go for the original Premium plugins because they provide additional features as well. Now, it’s your turn. Are you going to try this?
Ravi Kumar

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