How to Craft a Perfect Headline for your Blog Post?

You spend hours writing quality content, but how much time do you spend on crafting a perfect headline for your blog posts? Chances are not enough time.

Do you know, How visitors decide which article to read and which one to leave? If your answer is “No”, let me explain. Actually they take this decision after reading your Blog post headline. If it’s interesting, they will read your post otherwise they will leave it. By crafting a Magnetic headline, you can convert your visitors into your readers.

According to Neil Patel :

The difference between creating a great headline and a mediocre one is huge. When I write a blog post, I typically know if it will be a hit based on the headline. And sadly, even if the content sucks, I know the post will still do well because of the headline.

On average, when I write a great headline, I generate 6,591 more visitors the day I publish the post. I also generate 292 more tweets and 137 more Facebook shares.

Now you know that headlines are extremely important but you still don’t know what makes a good one, right? Well, I have already provided you a tutorial on how to write a killer headline for your blog post. Today, i am going to share an infographic created by Neil Patel that will teach you how to draft a perfect headline for your blog post.

The Formula For a Perfect Headline
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Now when you know that you can drive traffic by crafting a magnetic headline, spend time on it. I have personally noticed several bloggers driving traffic to their post on the basis of their headlines even if their content sucks.

This infographic explains each point clearly with the help of graphics.  Check this infographic and give your valuable feedback through comments.


Ravi Kumar

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