How to Create a Robot Friendly Resume and Get Noticed by Employers?

Thousand of Job sites are present on internet which are used by Million of peoples. They apply for the job ,which appears perfect to them. However, it would be interesting for you to know that, an HR contacts only few out of Million Peoples(Who submit their resumes on Online Job Sites). It doesn’t mean that, All those candidates submits useless or improper Resume. It happens because they design it only for Human Eyes and not for Application Tracking System. Most of the resumes are kicked out by Robots or Robotic Applications(Applicant Tracking Systems) and they never reach to an HR. It means, If you will design it for Robotic Eye, your Resume will bypass the Robotic Eye(Applicant Tracking Systems) and you will get noticed by Employers. A survey shows that Resumes designed for ATS(Application Tracking System) are more than 300% powerful than the Resumes, which are designed for Human Eyes.

Most of the companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems for filtering the resumes of Candidates. They do so because Million of Peoples apply for a single Post. Today, I am providing an Infographic which explains you, the method of creating a Robot Friendly Resume. This infographic has been created by hireheight and covers complete information related to resume submission and its filteration before reaching to an HR.


How to Create a Robot Friendly Resume and Get Noticed by Employers?

How to create Robot Friendly Resume and get noticed by Employers?

From the Editor’s Desk
I have already shared various simple methods of earning money online, SEO Stuffs, Traffic Generation Tricks on this blog but today, I decided to post this infographic because it is very helpful specially for Freshers. When you submit your resume in various job sites, a Parser removes the styling from your resume and breaks it into simple words and phrases which can be recognized easily. After that, The parser sorts the content into different categories like Experience, Contact, Work Experience, Education etc. After sorting, it checks for the desired skills which are required by the company. If your resume appears relevant to them, they are passed to an HR.
If you can design Robot Friendly resume, Your Resume will bypass the Robotic Eyes and will reach to an HR which would be great for you. Simply follow the methods provided in the above provided infographic and get calls from an HR or Employer.
Ravi Kumar

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