Is Creating Airbnb Clone Good Way to Earn Money?

Since its inception at 2008, Airbnb has created a revolution in the field of online business. The impact it has created is evident from the fact that most people still search out for this keyword worldwide. It is the reason why most companies have included the word “Airbnb” to their keywords to help their websites rank better online. So, what made Airbnb popular and why most sites are keen to create clones of this popular model? Well, if these two questions are lingering in your mind for some time, you’d find the answer at the end of this post.



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How Airbnb became Popular?

It was in the period when people found it difficult to book rooms, travels from different parts of the world, this wonderful marketplace was introduced. The site was thronged by millions of customers and its revenue multiplied in a quick period of time. Price comparisons, multiple options to book rooms not only helped customers looking out for rooms, but also vendors who wished to rent their spaces for making money. It is the reason why this business experienced sudden flourish. With such amazing features there is nothing wrong in Airbnb climbing the ladder of success and popularity.

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Why businesses copy Airbnb model?

It is tendency of human to copy and follow the best source of outcomes available in the market. And here, the success of Airbnb model has forced plenty of online entrepreneurs to conform to this business model to multiply their revenue. Today, you’ve millions of sites that have developed scripts and extensions with Airbnb-like features and they are making out good money.

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Why and how to create one for your business?

From the above discussion, it is prudent that developing a marketplace with multiple options like room booking, hotel booking, travels booking, etc. can bring in fantastic results. How to develop a marketplace? What do you need to develop a portal like this? This could be the question of many. Find the answer below.


You can approach this by two means: first, with help of developer; second, using a simple extension. It depends on the owners to pick the better option based on their business. But, if you’re a small business looking for cost-effective ways to build a website then sticking to the second option would be a wise move.

How it can help improve revenue?

Today, you’ve a lot of scripts available in the market as a result of this. You might wonder how to improve your revenue when the competition is such high. This can be challenging but if your website offers some unique features then people will never miss out to throng your website.

Earn money via Airbnb

Find below some unique features which could give the edge to your business website from others.

  • Smart search – This proves to be an interesting feature to take your businesses to next level. As it offers rich user experience and eases out the search option of customers, it is easy to improve your clientele.
  • Mobile responsiveness – The world today is going mobile and it becomes inevitable for businesses to refrain from this technology advancement. Having such an option for your website you could easily double your clientele.
  • Expedia – Having in your database a few hotels for booking can easily bring down the interest of your customers when they find no hotels available for booking. So if you wish to add more hotels, the best way would be to add Expedia-like hotel booking options.
  • Customization – This is one factor that most companies fail to impress customers. People often tend to buy something which can be transformed to any form they want.
  • Payment gateways support – If your business website supports more payment gateways, then it will be easier for customers to book rooms easily, irrespective of the payment systems they have.

With such amazing features, it becomes easier to captivate a lot of customers cutting through your site and for enhancing revenue.


I hope this post provided all the necessary information on Airbnb model, how it became popular, and how it could influence your business to a great extent.

Ravi Kumar

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