What is Domain Authority and How to Improve It?

Few days ago, I received an Email from a visitor who asked me to provide information about “Domain Authority”. Frankly speaking, the term “Domain Authority” was totally new for me. I was familiar with Alexa and Google PageRank but never used “Domain Authority” so tried to get more information about it. These days, “Domain Authority”  has become an  important factor for Advertisers and webmasters because  it reflects the combination of Google PageRank and Alexa Rank and thus shows  trust on a particular website.

I have noticed that many blogs which has good designs and an excellent alexa rank  are also struggling to get better “Domain Authority” rank. If a particular blog or website has a Domain Authority score of 30 or less, it is considered bad. These kind of blogs rarely get great offers from advertisers. Search engines also ranks them low.

What is Domain Authority?

what is domain authority?

Domain Authority(also known as DA) is nothing but a way to know whether a particular website or blog is trustworthy or not. It is given by SEOmoz which is a big name in the field of Search Engine Optimization. It is quite similar to Google PageRank and Alexa Rank. It means, if a particular website has better Domain Authority score, it is a better site. Search engines also give more importance to websites which has good Domain Authority score.


Why Domain Authority Score is Important for Web master?

Before the introduction of “Domain Authority”, advertisers were using the statistics of Google PageRank and Alexa Rank before contacting any blog or website owner for deals. It is quite unfortunate but Google hasn’t updated the PageRank from last 7-8 months. Due to this, they were looking for an alternative of Google PageRank. Domain Authority is an excellent choice for them because its results shows your value in the eyes of Google and Alexa in combination. These days, most of the advertisers are giving more importance to “Domain Authority” instead of Alexa or Google PR. It alternatively means that, if your website has good Domain Authority score, you are likely to receive lots of interesting deal offers from advertisers.
How Domain Authority is Calculated?

As i informed you earlier, Domain authority tries to calculate the Power and trust of a domain name. For doing this, they use three important factors which are listed below:

  1. Age of a Website
  2. Popularity of a Website
  3. Size of a Website

1. Age of a Website

  1. Age of a Website – All search engines tries their level best to return most relevant results in their SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) which can be trusted. As you all know, millions of websites are launched everyday but very few of them live longer on internet.  These kind of websites or blog normally copies the content of an established blog and sometimes manages to get good ranking in SERPs as well. However, they don’t live longer. Even a minor algorithm update largely affect these websites . To know whether a website is trustworthy or not, its age can also be used. Lets take a simple example- If a website is 2 or more years old, it is definitely a good website because its Administrator is paying domain and hosting charges from last couple of years. It shows the seriousness of administrator so you can trust on it. On the other hand  useless websites or blogs exists only for 6 months to 1 year.
  2. Details of Registrar– Normally an user think that their registration details doesn’t affect their website. If you are one of them, you should change your thinking because it is also important for getting Good Domain Authority score. For example- Let us assume that you have registered 10 websites with same name(name of the admin) and address(address of registrar). 9  of your websites are publishing spam and only one of them is publishing great content. In this scenario, the one which is doing well will also suffer due to other spam websites and that particular website will get low Domain authority score.

2. Popularity of a Website

  1. Inbound Links– Domain Popularity is measured on the basis of inbound links. A number of inbound links on your blog tells the search engine that your blog has content which really good and worth sharing. Moz calculates whether your inbound or incoming links are from quality sites or spam sites. If they are from quality sites, your blog will get better Domain Authority Score. On the other hand, if they are from spam sites, your blog will get poor Authority score. Please note that Google also consider this factor while giving PageRank so it is extremely important.
  2. Outbound Links– Many people doesn’t give importance to Outbound links but still it is extremely important. If your outbound link points a search engine bot to Spam site, your Domain Authority score will be low.

NoteAlways create engaging content so that it can be shared by others. It will increase your Domain Authority.

3. Size of a Website

Don’t get confused with the title. “Size of a website” represents the number of blog posts or pages present in a particular website or blog. A website or blog which has large number of published posts or pages will generate more inbound links so they are likely to get better Domain Authority score.


How to Check the Domain Authority of any Blog or Website?
As you all know, Internet is full of free and paid resources. There are a large number of tools which can be used to check the Domain Authority of any website or blog. However, i am sharing only few of them which i have used and are best.

1. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer

According to me, Open site Explorer is the best tool for checking the domain authority score of any website or blog because it shows stats like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Linking Root Domains, Total Links, Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Tweets, Googl +1 etc.

2. Mozbar Toolbar

Moz Toolbar

You can use MozBar extension or toolbar for checking the Domain Authority of any website or Blog right from your Browser. It is an official product of Moz so you can trust on it. Depending upon your browser, you can download this extension by clicking on below given links:

  1. Install Mozbar for Chrome
  2. Install Mozbar for Firefox
How to increase Domain Authority Score of your blog or Website?
Simply follow the below given tips and increase your Domain Authority Score of your blog or website:

1. Create High Quality Contents

As I mentioned earlier, Domain Authority gives importance to inbound links(incoming links or backlinks). You can only get backlink from other websites or users, if they share your articles on their social networks which is only possible when your article is of high quality. If you are unable to get Fresh Content ideas all the time, you may check How to write fresh contents all the time in your blog.

2.Guest Post on Top Blogs

Guest posting is undoubtedly the best way to get backlinks from top blogs. If you are really a good writer, try to write Guest Posts on Blogs which has Good Domain Authority Score. If a particular  blog or website has a Domain Authority score of 50 or more, it is considered good.

3. Create and Publish Infographics on your Blog

Infographics can also be used for getting backlinks because users always share helpful inforgaphics on their blogs and social networks. However, make sure that your Infographic  contains all kind of information related to your subject with plenty of visually appealing images. You can check an example of infographics which are shared by me on this blog at 200+ methods to make money online.

4. Be Active on Social Networks

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Bugscore etc are considered best for driving tons of traffic to your blog. If you are not active on these networks, you are missing lots of visitors. Try to be active on your social networks and keep sharing helpful stuffs on regular basis.

From the Editor’s Desk
I tried my level best to provide all kind of information related to Domain Authority. If you have read the complete article properly, you are now aware of Domain Authority. You also know about various method which can be used to improve your Domain Authority Rank so apply them.
If you are really serious about making a career in blogging, try to create great content for your readers without worrying about making money. The domain authority of this blog is also not good at this time because i was unaware of this term. With time, you will see it improving. Let me know, if you have any question or anything to say.
Ravi Kumar

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