How to download apk files from Google Play Store?

Android OS is almost ruling the world of Smart Phones and Tablets. According to me, one and only competitor of Android OS is Apple’s iOS which is too much popular as well. Anyway, that’s not my point at least for this morning. Today, I am going to share you the trick to download apk files from Google Play Store.  For Majority of Android user, it is impossible to download apk files from Google Play Store but Don’t get shocked!. It is possible.
Android OS supports .apk files only. Normally, when you download any Apps from Google Play Store, it installs the same on your device but you never get apk files. If you want to get, check this complete article.

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Why you May Want to download apk files from Google Play Store?
Many of you can ask -“I am able to install applications from Google Play Store without any issue then why should i download the apk files?“. The answer for this question is -“You are not the only one in this world. So many android users are there in this world who are not able to download all kinds of Applications.”
  1. Sometime you know that, Your Smart Phone can support a particular App but when you go to Play Store, it shows “Your device is incompatible”. In those scenario, you can install application by using its Apk File.
  2. Sometimes, you can’t download and install a particular application due to its availability in limited countries or regions. You can use apk files in these scenario.
  3. Last but not the least, getting an apk file can be handy for installing a particular application on other Android device which doesn’t has Google Play Store. Some users can also ask- “You are using android and you don’t have Google Play Store?”. If you are also among them then it would be a news for you to know that Kindle devices doesn’t have Google Play Store but they are using Android OS.
How to download apk files from Google Play Store?
Downloading an APK file from Google Play Store was impossible for me until i visited a website which allows you to do the same. I really liked that site and sharing the same. Simply follow the below given instructions and download the apk files from Google Play Store.

Download apk files from Google Play Store

  • Now visit Google Play Store and choose your favourite Application. For this example, I selected TuneIn Radio. Copy the url in the manner shown below:

Download apk files from Google Play Store

  • Visit again and paste the copied url in the Text Box. Once done, click on “Generate Download Link” button. The screenshot for the same is shown below:

Apk files from Google Play Store

  • After clicking on the above shown button, wait for few seconds. It will generate a download link for you. Once generated, download your apk file and enjoy. The screenshot is shown below:

Download apk file from Google Play Store

  • Using this, you can download the apk files for all kinds of apps available in Google Play Store.
From the Editor’s Desk
Above explained steps are very simple and easy to understand so apply them and download apk files from Google Play Store. It is in fact the easiest way to do the same.  If you know about any such website or trick which allows us to download the apk files from Google Play Store, share with us. It would be my pleasure to publish the same in this blog.
It is your comments through which, I know whether you are liking my articles or not so don’t keep yourself quit. If it is helpful then say thanks. If you are facing any problem, feel free to ask.
Ravi Kumar

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