How to Embed Google Map in Blogger Blog?

WordPress blogs are much easier to operate as compared to Blogger because they support Plugins which simplifies the task of Bloggers. However, not everyone can afford hosting charges so they use Blogger Platform for blogging because it’s completely free.

If you are running a travel  or any similar niche blog, you will definitely feel the need of embedding Google Map in your articles. If you are  a blogger user, you will have to add some html code to your post which can be difficult for new bloggers.  Last week, i received some Emails where i was asked to Provide a tutorial on this topic. In this post, I will provide you step by step tutorial for embedding Google Map in Blogger Blog.

How to get the html code for Embedding Google Map in Blogger Blog?
  • First of all, go to Map.google.com
  • Type the name of desired place in the search box and hit the Enter button. It will show you the map of that place. For Example- I want to embed the map of “Jhumri Telaiya” . Image of the same is shown below:


  • Now click on “Settings”  icon. You will find this Icon on Lower right corner. After that, Click on “Share and Embed Map” option. Image of same is shown below:


  • Now, Click on “Embed Map” option. Screenshot for the same has been shown below:


  • Now, you will get the HTML code for embedding the Map in your blog. Just copy it. See below given screenshot:


  • You may want to change the size of Google Map depending upon the size and layout of your Template. To do this, click on drop down menu and choose the size. For using custom size, Click on “Custom size” option and set the size of width and height.


How to Embed Google Map in Blogger Blog?
  • If you have followed the instructions mentioned in above steps, You already have the “Embed Code“. 
  • Now Log into your Blogger Account.
  • In Dashboard, Click on “New Post” button. Screenshot is shown below:

  • Choose a topic for your blog post. Click on “HTML” Tab.


  • Now paste the html code which you copied in above step.  See below given screenshot:


  • Once done, Click on “Publish ”  button and enjoy.

Note– This tutorial is for blogger blogs but you can use the same embed code in all kind of websites like

WordPress,Joomla, Asp,HTML etc for embedding Google Maps without any issue.


If you are facing any difficulty, let me know. I will feel happy to help you.

Live Demo
Ravi Kumar

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